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RE: [7mmnga] Question from a new member (not me!)

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  • Paul Martin
    Graham I d be happy to help if you would like to give Kevin my e-mail address. He must be a very new member because he s not made it on to my lists yet. In
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      I’d be happy to help if you would like to give Kevin my e-mail address. He must be a very new member because he’s not made it on to my lists yet.


      In brief

      Eazymate couplings are compatible with Kadee i.e. the will couple and uncouple quite happily. They are not as robust as the metal kadee’s I normally use ie. No5’s and 4x series. The standard eazymates fitted to the Bachmann 0n30 range use a tab of plastic as the knuckle spring and this is susceptible to damage. In use I find them very much less robust than the Kadee and a source of more trouble.


      I should perhaps clarify that my models travel to exhibitions and then operate mainly under exhibition conditions. On the models that run in the exhibition trains I have changed to Kadee couplers on all of them having learnt the hard way at a show. Other stuff that doesn’t go to shows have the original eazymates and will only get changed when they give trouble.


      I would be worried about the reliability outdoors. As a general rule knuckle couplers, whatever make, are only as good as the set up. They must be set as per the standards gauge and they do impose a certain level of quality on the track for reliable operation (or more to the point – non spurious operation). A layout doesn’t have to be billiard table flat but the rate of change in gradient has to be restricted.


      If I can be of any more help just ask.


      Paul Martin


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      Hi all


      I've been contacted by a new member, Kevin Williams, who wants to know whether Bachmann EZE couplings are compatible with any of the Kadee range, and whether they are sufficiently reliable for outdoors (sounds like a question for Paul!)  I've suggested he subscribes to this list, but it looks as if he may be experiencing difficulty signing up, so I thought I'd post his query for him.  I can either pass on any info to him or let someone have his e-mail address to contact him directly.




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