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Gauge O Scales - help needed.

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  • brifayle@compuserve.com
    Greetings Learned Folk! A friend of mine in the UK is trying to write an article on `Gauge O Scales . `Bully for him as they might say over there! Now this is
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 6, 2001
      Greetings Learned Folk!

      A friend of mine in the UK is trying to write an article on `Gauge O
      Scales'. `Bully for him' as they might say over there! Now this is a
      surprisingly complex subject it seems. He appealed to me for some help
      with the Narrow Gauge area. Ss I belong to three groups that fall into
      that category I thought I would post this to each one and pick the
      collective brains of the members.

      As the subject is unlikely to be of general interest to other members
      could you address any replies to me off group direct at:


      I now quote my friend:

      <<<<When modelling prototype narrow gauge
      1:48 American On3 (3ft gauge)
      Bachmann On30 (this runs on HO track which actually represents 2ft 6
      inch at 1:48, but the models are really intended to be US 3ft gauge
      Same gauge and track as Fleischmann Magic Train (see below)

      1:45 Om Fama now known as ?
      Fleischmann Magic Train What scale is this?
      1:45 OJ 23.8mm gauge Japanese 3 foot 6 inch gauge finescale
      Locos supplied in 1990 by FEF (Japan) Also some scratch building.

      1/43.5 O:16.5mm track (same track as Bachmann On30 North American
      narrow gauge and Fleischmann)
      On 12mm track M Chapman: Blue Front Camp military railway
      More is needed on UK narrow gauge--other gauges

      O:16mm to the foot

      O: approx 10mm to the foot Timpo Wild West Set
      O: 3/8 inch to the foot M J Bartleet: Inguana Government Railways
      Oe What is this?--seems to be different scales and gauges, nominally O

      Other approximately '0' scale narrow gauge
      There are other approximately O scale layouts which appear at various
      Gauge O exhibitions, including those of the GOG.
      Tony Mortlock's Oggelsitz at TELFORD 10mm to the foot
      Gordon and Maggie Gravett's French Breton layout under construction
      Christopher Payne: Gare St Just Oe on 16.5mm track--but what scale?
      St Pierre Canal 9mm on 16.5 mm track
      M E Crawford SAR in 8mm to the foot>>>>

      There are obviously an awful lot of gaps and errors in this.
      As mentioned earlier please reply direct to me at<
      brifayle@...> unless you really think the group would be

      Brian Fayle
      Nights are getting chilly here in Puslinch Twp ON
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