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Critter Masterial

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  • charles schuster
    G Day All Today on a lunchtime wandering thru the local mall (BelconnenCanberra)and the Toys-R-Us outlet I found some Chinese made Fast Lane construction
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 30, 2003
      G'Day All'

      Today on a lunchtime wandering thru' the local mall
      (BelconnenCanberra)and the Toys-R-Us outlet I found some Chinese
      made "Fast Lane" construction vehicles in Red, Orange, Green and, of
      course, Yellow.
      They cost all of $AUD 2.99!!
      Each packet contained a high sitting tractor with a selection of add
      on construction tools = scraper, digger,roller, pipe-lifter, back
      hoe, and even what looks like a snow plow.
      All very useful on a construction site in On50 or On16.5 with some
      judicious painting.Even as gondola loads.
      However, the cab has a critterish look to it.
      Lose the wheels, mud guards and with some other minor Exacto saw
      surgery, add a power source and away you go! Probably needs some
      weighting and a trailing 4 wheel tool cart.
      Now to find a mech that suits - a second hand one would do and you
      end up with a welome little critter whatever color you like and for
      not big bucks!

      Chaz d'Holt,
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