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Re: [7mm NGA] KaDee Couplings

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  • Frank Savery
    Hi just FYI, You can get the new Kadee Draft gear boxes seperatly, and the # 5s work in them just as well as the Whisker couplers - just wish they would do
    Message 1 of 9 , Nov 30, 2012
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      Hi just FYI,
      You can get the new Kadee Draft gear boxes seperatly, and the # 5s work
      in them just as well as the Whisker couplers - just wish they would do
      them in bulk packs.

      Many US NG modellers who don't want the magnetic uncoupling features of
      the Kadee's (We want 'hands on' operation, NOT 'hands-off') cut off that
      silly dangly bit to get a considerable improvment in appearence.

      Frank Savery,
      District Manager, CIE Cildargan Section
      also Owner, Operator, Chief Cook & Bottle Washer,
      Lakes District Portage Railway
      and King Island Tramway, Tasmania

      On 1/12/2012 11:19 AM, Paul Martin wrote:
      > Tony
      > Whiskers are the way forward and will probably result ultimately in
      > the demise of the number 5.
      > The 148 is the whisker equivalent of the 5 and works the same in every
      > respect with a couple of improvements. Firstly, the 5 has a separate
      > phosphor bronze spring that goes in the draft box which can suffer
      > from loss of springiness, on the 148 that is replaced by the whisker
      > springs built into the coupler. Secondly lid of the draft box for the
      > #5 has to be glued/screwed/melted on once the coupler has been fitted
      > inside it. On the #148, and all the whisker couplers, the lid clips on
      > to the draft box.
      > The whisker range now covers all the coupler height/length options.
      > The #5 & #148 are “medium centreset” couplers which means the shank of
      > the coupler meets the knuckle mid way up the knuckle and the shank is
      > of medium length. There are short and long options. There underset,
      > where the shank meets the knuckle at the bottom, and overset, where it
      > meets at the top of the knuckle. All combinations of height and length
      > are now available as #141 - #149
      > To use these couplers you need two things immediately and a number of
      > other optional extras then make life easier: -
      > 1. Firstly you need to get there name right. They are Kadee couplers,
      > not Kaydee, kaDee or any other wrong permutations of the name
      > 2. Secondly you want a height gauge, part #205 or #206.
      > When you have a height gauge mount it and a length of track on a spare
      > bit of board and then check and adjust every coupler to that gauge. DO
      > NOT set couplings on wagon B to match those on wagon A and so on down
      > the alphabet as this is the way to creeping errors and by the time you
      > try to couple wagon A to Z their couplers will be way out of line.
      > The optional extras are: -
      > #231 finely powdered graphite in a tube that allows you to puff the
      > graphite into the coupler
      > #237 Coupler Trip Pin pliers. This is a pair of pliers in which one
      > jaw is round and the other is a hollow half circle and they make it
      > really easy to adjust the trip pin
      > I stock all the Kadee whisker couplers and a few others and the tools.
      > A new delivery of them awaits my attention at Parcel Farce and I will
      > be updating kadee page of my website on Sunday to include them all.
      > http://www.ngtrains.com/Pages/Kadee/kadee.htm I will post a message on
      > Sunday when I have done it.
      > If you have any other questions feel free to get in touch
      > Paul Martin EDM Models www.ngtrains.com
      > ,___
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