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MOMING’08 details

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    With now less than three weeks to go to MOMING 08 it seems a good moment to give some additional details of the various exhibits. Layouts Specialist Mining
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      With now less than three weeks to go to MOMING'08 it seems a good
      moment to give some additional details of the various exhibits.


      "Specialist Mining Co" O9 (1:43.5 scale) 18" gauge - Tim Tincknell
      [See RM Jul 2008]

      The "Specialist Mining Co" is a small concern extracting high quality
      minerals for processing. The layout shows the entrance to a small
      adit. A battery electric loco hauls loaded mine cars underground and
      to the adit entrance where diesel power takes over for the journey to
      the processing plant. The time setting for the layout is in the early
      1970's before industrial disputes and the "three day week" made
      working the mine uneconomic.

      "Specialist Mining Co" was built in less than three months and is
      therefore a wonderful example of what can be achieved in a short space
      of time. Seen for the first time at MOMING'07, "Specialist Mining Co"
      now appears at Telford and features in RM July 2008 so as to be
      appreciated by a wider audience.

      "Black Hall Sidings" O9 (1:43.5 scale) 15" gauge - Simon Andrews

      Set in the 1920's, "Black Hall Sidings" is the terminus of a branch on
      the fictitious Brynllywarch Railway. This was a 15" gauge line that
      served the 6000 acre Brynllwarch estate near Kerry in the county of
      Montgomeryshire, Wales. At MOMING'07 this layout made its début (as
      did its builder) on the exhibition scene and now travels to Telford
      for the enjoyment of a wider public.

      "Box End" 1:25 - Richard Williams

      [Richard was asked for a short description of his layout. This is what
      was received and as it seemed too good to chop down or to précis here
      is the lyrical result in full.]

      "This layout is meant to represent a whole breed of small, industrial
      railways that grew, operated and then were sold on or scrapped in the
      space of a few years leaving no trace of their ever being there. They
      may have only been a few hundred yards in length, laid on poor track
      and existing on a temporary basis to provide a means of transport to
      various forms of goods from one point to another. For a time they
      existed, the locos chuffed, grumbled or clanked back and forth with
      their loads, then to meet the day when better competition or the end
      of the work saw the track lifted, the buildings disappear and the
      stock auctioned off.

      Here then, in possibly the early to mid 50s, somewhere in a remote
      corner of north-west Wiltshire, a small limestone quarry generates
      stone for the local building trade. The writing is already on the wall
      in some way, as the owners have installed a conveyor belt from the
      primary crusher to load the wagons that will take the stone to the
      secondary crushers at the other end of the line. In a few years the
      technology of the conveyors will have developed that their reach will
      be far enough to transport the stone directly, reducing costs for the
      owners and negating the requirement for the railway. But for now, the
      railway exists, pottering back and forth carrying stone and supplies.

      `Box End' is what is now termed a `Micro Layout' in that its total
      baseboard area is less than 4 square feet. At 23 x 15 inches (2.4 Sq.
      feet) its small size means it was quick to construct, and not costly
      in materials. Indeed this particular layout was effectively no cost
      in that all the components I either had in stock from previous
      layouts, or were free! Nothing extra was purchased to complete the
      layout. The baseboard is (as can still be seen) a fruit box that I'd
      used to transport books during my move to Wiltshire just before
      Christmas. This particular box was chosen for to its double ply
      construction that offered great rigidity.

      Feel free to talk to the operator if you have any questions - there
      are some surprising things used that both look good and are easily
      available." RW

      "Hayfinch Treacle Mine" 1:24 - Bob Hughes

      Bob Hughes offers the discerning viewer the chance to study one of his
      deceptively simple layouts. A mains power supply has been necessary to
      illuminate the model, but after that all is achieved by the use of
      string. It is all of 16" x 12" and in recherché style is presented in
      elegant black and white.

      "Yellow Ridge Mining" 1:24 - Nick Wright

      Nick has said that this will be the début for his new layout. The odd
      photo or two have appeared on the web, and given (a) the quality, and
      (b) the impressive style of presentation Nick has achieved with his
      earlier layouts, this one will no doubt be another treat for the eye.
      Expect to see great detailed modelling and superb weathering.

      "Aberfal Mining and Minerals" Gn15 (1:24) - Phil Davis

      Spotted at S&D 2007 "Aberfal Mining and Minerals" was an obvious
      choice for invitation to MOMING'08. In many ways it is so similar to
      Steve Bennet's "Big Cat Mine", and yet it is also so different. Booked
      to appear at ExpoNG 2008 it can be seen at MOMINBG'08 by those wishing
      to beat the rush.

      "Paradise Mining Co" 1:25 - Christopher Payne [See CM Aug 2005, Aug
      2007, and Jul 2008]

      Following the success of my previous 1:25 scale layout ''Sutton
      Wharf'', I have now addressed the theme of a minimum gauge mineral
      railroad somewhere in the south-west of the USA around the year 1930.
      The resulting imaginary 18'' gauge line is very loosely inspired
      (''justified'') by the 20'' gauge Coronado copper mining railroad that
      once existed in Arizona. The layout is another exercise in large scale
      minimum gauge modelling in a small space, and intends to show the
      activity at a reversing point in the mountains with severe gradients,
      short trains (maximum three cars), and locomotives at the rear facing

      As explained in the most recently published article the whole project
      ("PMCo1") almost floundered but was saved ("PMCo2") and has been
      inflicted on an ever forgiving and unsuspecting public several times
      during the last year with a number of major show (Warley, Wigan, and
      York) bookings to come.


      Cardboard Modelling - Jim Snee

      In another age, more than forty years ago, in fact more like fifty,
      the simple modelling medium of choice was card. Shortly after along
      came styrene and all was revolutionised. Or was it? Here in the C21st
      is chance to see a master at work: the material used may be simple,
      but the results are spectacular.

      Trade exhibitors

      Avalon Line - Howard Martin

      A range of 7mm/ft scale minimum gauge cast resin loco, coach and wagon
      kits is available, together with four 9mm gauge motorised loco chassis
      (3 steam & 1 diesel). Mail order from Wiston Mill, Crundale,
      Haverfordwest, Pembs. SA62 4EH, tel: 01437 731298 (evenings and
      weekends), e-mail: info@.... Catalogue 50p + stamped
      A5 SAE. Payments: cheque to "H Martin" or by Paypal. Also available
      from www.pepper7.com or the 7mm Narrow Gauge Association.

      Black Dog Mining Co - Steve Bennett

      A range of quality resin products (locomotives, rolling stock, scenic
      accessories) offered in both 7mm scale on 9mm gauge, and (under the
      "Sidelines" banner) G scale on 16.5mm track to represent 15" gauge.
      Mail order from 95 King Arthurs Road, Exeter, EX4 9DS, tel: 01392
      410796 (evenings), e-mail: steveblackdog@...., web site:

      Christopher Payne (MOMING Co-ordinator)
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      MOMING 08 A final reminder that this coming Sunday, 20 July 2008, will be MOMING 08, the fourth UK celebration of MOdelling MINimum Gauge railways. This year
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        A final reminder that this coming Sunday, 20 July 2008, will be
        MOMING'08, the fourth UK celebration of MOdelling MINimum Gauge
        railways. This year (as in 2006) be "an exhibition within an
        exhibition" at the Telford Narrow Gauge show by kind invitation of
        Steve Warrington.

        Date: Sunday 20 July 2008

        Time: 10.30am – 4.00pm

        Venue: The Park Inn Hotel, Telford, TF3 4NA (very close to M54 J5)

        Admission: £4 adults, £3 senior citizens.


        "Specialist Mining Co" (Tim Tincknell) – 1:43.5 scale (O9) 18" gauge
        UK mining operation.

        "Hayfinch Treacle Mine" (Bob Hughes) – 1:24 scale UK estate railway.

        "Yellow Ridge Mining" (Nick Wright) – 1:24 scale (G narrow gauge) 18"
        gauge USA mining.

        "Box End" (Richard Williams) – 1:25 scale 18" gauge UK quarry line.

        "Black Hall Sidings" (Simon Andrews) – 1:43.5 scale (O9) 15" gauge UK
        estate railway.

        "Aberfal Mining and Minerals" (Phil Davis) – 1:24 scale (Gn15) 18"
        gauge UK mineral railway.

        "Paradise Mining Co" (Christopher Payne) – 1:25 scale 18" gauge
        south-west of USA mining railroad.


        Modelling in Card – Jim Snee builds locos and rolling stock.


        Black Dog Mining Co (Steve Bennett).

        Avalon Line (Howard Martin).


        1. Leave the M54 at Junction 5.

        2. If coming form the east take the third exit from the roundabout (or
        the second if coming from the west).

        3. This is FORGEGATE and the hotel will be seen on the left.

        4. Take the first left into IRONMASTERS WAY and the entry to the hotel
        parking area is on the left.

        Further details of MOMING'08 are available from Christopher Payne
        (e-mail <cp@...>).

        For details of the rest of the exhibition see the main exhibition
        web-site where there is also a map.


        Christopher Payne
        (MOMING Co-ordinator)
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