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94Avalon Diesel Kit

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  • Robin Edwards
    Dec 7, 2000
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      Hi everyone,
      I purchased one of Howard's new open cab diesel kits at Swindon a couple of weeks ago and through lack of time/flu have only just got around to building it.  This is designed to sit on a Tenshodo SPUD and is a very simple resin kit.  The pattern making and casting is up to the usual high standards and has been very cleverly thought out to make construction as straight-forward as possible.  It didn't take me long to assemble - in fact I got so carried away that I had finished it before I went back to the instructions and read the advice to add weight before fixing the top on - oops!  It took longer to cut the little squares of lead to drop in from underneath than to put the body together!  Detailing is left to the builder with only a gear lever and handbrake lever included in the kit.  So far I have added an air filter to the top - an exhaust pipe is planned (when I've got some suitable tube) and a few more controls from wire, etc. should set it off nicely.
      I have been impressed with both Avalon's and Blackdog's approach to wagons - a whole chassis that only needs gluing to a one-piece body that is nicely detailed and well cast (and well priced to boot) makes for the kind of simplicity I enjoy!  With any luck a whole works train will be appearing on Ashcross by its next exhibition (just as well I need some more rolling stock - I'm still borrowing Roger Brown's at the moment/for the foreseeable future!).
      One reasonably kept secret is the Blackdog has a web site www.blackdogmining.co.uk and on-line shop which has an extensive array of photos of their bits and pieces.  I have found the photos quite inspirational when painting wagons or trying to load them.  I'd recommend a visit to it.
      Please note that I have no connection with either Blackdog or Avalon, other than that of being a satisfied customer!
      Robin Edwards.