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7511Box File Layouts

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  • P-J Sanders
    Jun 1, 2007
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      Hello all, Its P-J here again. right firstly, P-J, stands for Peter-
      John as my over enthusiastic parents gave me 2 first names and me and
      my mates are lazy so it gets shortened to P-J. Now onwards. Box File
      layouts. So far I have got my hands on a stock of 4 or so box files. My
      plan is to build one end-to-end shunter thingy in 2 of these, end to
      end with sceincs in one and fiddle yard and more secnics in the other,
      but so that all the bits (minus stock and my multi-layout controller)
      all fit in these 2 boxs for storage. there will be a CD size turntable,
      and stub point connecting thr various spurs. the next plan is to make a
      0-16.5 contiuns run in as few box files as possible so that when i get
      bored of operating the BVR I can just put a bagnall onto ever decresing
      (or not) circles. Till next time Bye P-J (peter-john Sanders)
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