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7510Re: [7mm NGA] Box File Layouts

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  • Roy Wood
    Jun 1, 2007
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      > Hi P-J
      > Please keep your ideas and suggestions coming, its
      > all "grist to the mill"!

      I'll second that PJ! What does PJ stand for anyway?
      Will you tell us or have I missed it?

      As to a layout in a box file, I think it's a great
      idea and one I could get interested in myself (DON'T
      hold me to that anyone!)

      As the owner of a 7mng layout and a 7mm O gauge layout
      I don't see a problem with a seemingly frivolous extra
      ( I already have a little 16mm ng ready for that 'day
      in the future' and guess I'm probably not alone in
      having lots of interests along these lines - pun not
      intended). You never know, it could be fun. In fact, I
      think I can hear my Lister reving up already!

      regards to all
      Roy Wood
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