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7326Re: [7mm NGA] Rubberised horsehair

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  • Roy Wood
    Apr 28, 2007
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      Hi Stephen
      I've just done a quick 'google' for rubberised
      horsehair which gives lots of references. Green-scene
      for example do small bits but that may prove to be an
      expensive option if you have need for a lot.
      I bought some locally (Wimborne) some time ago, not
      expensive and something like 12"x12"x1" but I'm blowed
      if I can remember what the people were called.It was a
      privte house, not a shop and they provided it for
      gaming or doll's houses or something like that. If I
      can remember I'll post it to the this elist.
      Another option is to contact one on the bed
      manufacturers that the search threw up.
      I'm also intrigued how you make trees from it! I use
      it for hedges for which I think it's brilliant.
      Roy Wood
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