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7291RE: [7mm NGA] Rubberised horsehair

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  • brian
    May 1, 2007
      Wow! That's real common sense I hardly ever expect to see on elists. You are
      perfectly correct Steve. Model shops and model component manufacturers are
      truly an endangered species and it really is a case of 'use them or lose

      'Name the model shops that have gone out of business in the last 30 years'
      is fast becoming a sad party game for us older modellers. Graham Hubbard of
      Bachmann range me yesterday. After our business conversation we were
      reminiscing on the fact that we were born less than a year apart and within
      a few miles of each other. Being old North London boys we started to talk
      about Blunts, Dimmocks and a wealth of others. All gone.

      You can count yourself very lucky indeed if you have a specialist model shop
      within easy driving distance of you.....


      Brian Lewis
      Carrs - C+L Finescale
      Tel: +44 1 275 852 027
      Fax: +44 1 275 810 555
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      Granted, it will cost more for rubberised horse hair from a model shop than
      for freebies that an upholsterer may be throwing out, but expensive? not
      really, unless you are making a forest. Greenscenes do a block of approx
      100mm by 150mm and 30mm thick for just over a quid. This would be enough
      for 3 or 4 decent sized trees, not exactly what I would call expensive. I
      wouldnt expect you would need to pay much more than this in your local model
      shop and they need your support these days, every little bit helps. Driving
      or phoning around to try and find it for free, will probably cost you more
      aswell in the long run.

      OK, I'll put the soapbox away now.
      Steve Bennett

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      --- In 7mmnga@yahoogroups.com, Trevor Shaw <trevor.shaw@...> wrote:
      > Rubberised horsehair is no longer the animal product it used to be.
      > However, something of the sort is still available. From model
      > suppliers it is very expensive, but you can probably get it by
      > approaching your friendly local upholsterer in a friendly manner
      > asking for the bits he would normally throw in the bin.
      > It's a good tree making material. Make the trunk and branches from
      > twisted wire in the time-honoured way. Coat this armature with
      > filler of some sort. Some people prefer glue from a hot glue gun.
      > used proprietary stuff from Greenscene but it's a bit gritty, and
      > decorator's flexible filler might be better than either, but I
      > tried it yet. Paint this armature grey, with green shading on its
      > side.
      > The rubberised horsehair forms the twigs. I tear it into small
      > about 1in maximum dimension and than gather all the bits together,
      > them in a coffee jar with enough diluted black acrylic paint to
      > them and spread out on newspaper to dry.
      > The following day, glue them in an artistic arrangement on the
      > wire armature with white glue.
      > The day after that, paint the tops and sides of the carefully
      > horsehair twigs with undiluted white glue and throw on your
      > foam leaf material.
      > Look at some trees around you. They are well into leaf in this warm
      > early spring. They don't have leaves on the underneath of the
      > nor on the trunks. So when you apply leaves, you should only put
      > glue on the tops and sides of the horsehair twigs. Spraying a tree
      > skeleton with solvent based adhesive is a big mistake. You get
      > where they shouldn't be. Also, beware especially of Photomount. It
      > dries or loses its adhesive capacity. So your tree will get smaller
      > smaller as it is handled.
      > Hope this helps. It's based on good and bad experience.
      > --
      > Trevor Shaw
      Thanks for that Roger, really useful info. I shall seek out my local

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