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6821RE: [7mm NGA] Computer printed Decals/transfers

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  • Paul Martin
    Feb 1, 2007

      Alastair pretty well covers it. Domestic inkjet or laser printers cant do
      white and are unlikely to ever, “there’s no demand for it sir!” The
      available products you describe are either white or clear for you to print
      colours on to.

      The ALPS printer [or the OKI DP5000) used a different sort of technology.
      The inks are more like an old typewriter ribbon and there is one for each
      colour. The other clever bit with these printers is extremely accurate
      control of the paper movement as they print one colour and then go back and
      print the next so there has to be excellent registration. Neither the ALPS
      or OKI printer are available these days [I have one of the OKI ones] but
      they both used common technology no longer available although you can still
      get the inks. Basically, other technologies overtook it and there aren’t
      enough modellers wanting white to justify it.

      What I can suggest is that if you are wanting single colour transfers e.g.
      white on a clear background you could do the artwork in word, or the like
      and e-mail it to me, I can get a sheet done for a reasonable price as there
      is someone I can send it to get a single A4 or A3 sheet printed – that’s a
      lot of lettering!

      If you want the proper fonts have a look at www.railfonts.com

      Railroads built down to a budget would probably use railroad roman as this
      was a mandated minimum standard.

      Paul Martin
      EDM Models

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      I've not tried the products you mention, but I have looked into it.
      What I've seen suggests that white transfers are a bit of a problem
      unless you have an ALPS printer. A standard inkjet or laser printer
      just doesn't do white ink. The only way around is to do a white
      background and print the black as a "window" for the white to come through.



      Could be fun going into PC W*rld and asking for a white ink cartridge.. .

      > Hi everybody
      > I am interested in producing transfers for my railway and would like
      > to know
      > if anybody has used any of the products that allow you to print your own
      > transfers on an inkjet printer?
      > How good are the results?
      > How opaque are white transfers? (I am mainly interested in white transfers
      > to go on a black background).
      > Any help, comments, recommendations or alternatives would be much
      > appreciated.
      > Many thanks
      > Brian Lunn
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