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  • hfackeldey
    Aug 1, 2005
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      I have been modelling in 0m for quite some time now. Originally, my
      modelling friends and I regauged H0 or 00 wheelsets (particularly
      Romford) by cutting the axles in the middle between the wheels and
      extending them with brass or plastic tubing.
      S scale wheelsets may also be used, but the Gibson S scale wheels are
      a bit on the narrow side. This may cause trouble depending on the
      track standards, particularly the flangeway.
      Addie-Modell (www.addie-modell.de) make 0m wheelsets with 13.5 and
      15.5 mm wheel diameter with both spoke and plain wheels. They are
      much more expensive than regauged 00 wheelsets or S scale, but the
      wheel thread is wide enough to avoid the abovementioned problems. The
      pinpoint axles fit the Gibson bearings.
      Modelling SNCV rolling stock should not be too difficult as far as
      the running gear is concerned - the steam locomotives even had
      covered valve gear. The difficult part would be the distinctive W
      irons on the four-wheel stock. A friend of mine is planning to have
      them etched (as well as the axlebox covers), but I don't know if he
      ever will get around to it.

      Hope this helps, Herbert

      --- In 7mmnga@yahoogroups.com, "vannerley" <vannerley@a...> wrote:
      > I would be interested to hear from any members working in Om -
      > especially about sources for wheel sets but also to see what else
      > be around in the way of running gear.
      > 2284
      > David Vannerley
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