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5011RE: [7mm NGA] Gold ore

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  • DLTaylor
    Jul 1, 2005
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      Gerry and Frank,
      If I remember correctly, Dwyle-Flonking is a rather messy pub ritual that
      involves a group of people dancing round in a circle. Somebody in the
      middle acts as Flonker, equipped with a long-handled mop and a bucket of
      stale beer. I'll leave the rest to your imagination.
      It would make a fascinating cameo scene on a layout, if you are looking
      for a model railway connection in all this.

      --On 30 June 2005 17:47 +0100 Gerald Blaikie <geraldblaikie@...>

      > Hi Frank and Dave,
      > I've come across Flonking the Dwyle at a pub in Horsforth near Leeds many
      > years ago but I don't know if it is a Yorkshire sport or one that
      > Lancastrians also play. Cheers from sunny Morecambe,
      > GerryB 1047
      > DLTaylor <DLTaylor@...> wrote:
      > Hi Frank,
      > Do they go in for Dwyle-Flonking in your part of the world, or is that
      > Lancashire?
      > Dave.
      > The
      >> 'Highlight' at Broughton is Terrier racing, where 5 terriers per race
      >> chase a bit of dead rabbit across a field towards a gap in a pile of
      >> bales through which only one terrier will fit. How the T.V. haven't
      >> cottoned onto this I don't know, as entertainment it leaves Big Brother
      >> for dead!
      >> Frank
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