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47Hello and other matters

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  • adrian@pound25.freeserve.co.uk
    Oct 14, 2000
      Hello, Comrade Nitpikin of the Festiniog has joined the Group!!
      Adrian Gray is notorious for his use of green ink to highlight
      corrections to Committee minutes - having narrowly escaped the
      secretary's job some time ago he now makes life 'interesting' for
      poor Ian Virgo. Fortunately IV reassures us that he should not be
      confused with someone who gives a s***!!!

      I was interested to read the bits about the W&L kit, I think David
      has properly summed up the problems with the chassis - nothing is
      insurmountable - but it helps if you start from flat etch rather than
      an erected chassis.
      If I can ever get back to modelling - reading and replying to
      messages on the Festiniog egroup takes too much time and this will
      only add to the fun - I will put this at the top of my list of
      projects, if only because, having started all the furore I really owe
      it to myself to prove that I haven't made a prat of myself!!

      The model in the AGM competitions was said to run, and I believe its
      owner, but it has to be said that the chassis LOOKED
      b****y 'orrible. Robin's proposed surgeery to relocate the
      hornblocks is precisely the route I have opted to take.

      Anyway, more on that in its proper place - Narrow Lines. I know
      which side my bread is buttered on Graham!!

      More another day,

      Adrian Gray