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4649More Rail Dimension info required

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  • John Clutterbuck
    Mar 1 6:44 AM
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      I am doing some research into suitable rail for representing NG track
      in the smaller weights which equate to code # ranges 40-100. I have
      good details on Peco rail, but I am also aware that there are other
      rail suppliers such as Micro Engineering and Shinohara (not sure if
      Ive spelt that right). However I have not had much luck getting
      detailed info on these.

      I wonder if anyone either has a catalogue for these products (or any
      other rail suppliers) which details this or actual rail they can

      I am after the following to at least 1 decimal places in mm or 2 in

      A Rail head width
      B Rail height
      C Foot width
      D Web thickness

      Note just B on its own I have as its the code number. Its A+B+C I need
      and D if at all possible.

      John Clutterbuck