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385Re: Compensated Chassis

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  • nigel_bowley
    Feb 2 2:52 AM
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      --- John Humphrey wrote:
      > How do I set it up if the gearbox is on the centre axle
      > though.

      Hi John

      You 'can' have the centre axle driven: you need to use an axle hung
      motor and have side beams between the centre axle and one end axle,
      and then have a centre pivot for the other end axle (like on an 0-4-
      0). All axles need to have sliding hornblocks and guides. See
      'Locomotive Kit Chassis Construction' by Iain Rice.

      I've not tried this; the only 6 coupled chassis I've had a go at was
      in OOn3, where there really isn't room for side beams on the driven
      axle. In any case it's more complicated, and if I could I'd fit the
      drive to one of the outer axles.

      Best of luck with it, whatever you decide to do.

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