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31Re: Locomotive Chassis Construction

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  • Victor Rybacki
    Sep 1, 2000
      I thought buying the Chivers kits - I really like the Campbeltown and
      Machrihanish loco, but like you prefer to use outside framed chassis
      rather than proprietary chassis. There are alternatives for these
      kits. The Sierra Leone Hunslet is similar to the Chivers Russell kist
      and comes with a chassis kist (dummy outside frames though. I am not
      sure who distributes this one now. L&B Models may produce a model of
      the Manning Wardle, and Gibson already has a model of Yeo, Taw etc in
      his catalogue.

      I like the L&M 2-6-4 - and would be interested in your experience of
      building it.

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