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285Re: [7mmnga] Small curves, big ideas

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  • Darryl Huffman
    Oct 31, 2001

      After seeing some of the extremely sharp radius layouts featured in Railway
      Modeller, I have decided the following:

      1. The type of coupling system you use makes a bid difference. In the
      United States, most people use Kadees and this usually sets the limit on

      2. Using "Snap Track", track that has a built-in, predetermined radius will
      allow for tighter curves than flex track. If you are hand laying track, you
      will have the best results if your track is "pre-formed" to a certain radius
      on a track bending device.

      3. Hidden reverse loops need lots of easy access, or else they must be
      avoided at all costs.

      In the United States, the tightest, readily available snap track is a 15
      inch radius by Atlas. That is what I have used as my minimum radius for 30
      years with no problems.

      I understand Fleischmann makes a tighter radius track, but I have never been
      able to find it here.

      If someone over there (or over here) has access to smaller radius track, I
      would be interested in buying a circle of it to play with.

      Darryl Huffman
      Anchorage, Alaska

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      Check out my photos at
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