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  • 7mmnga@yahoogroups.com
    Aug 1, 2014
      There was a time when this group was unmoderated. Please use common sense when corresponding with members of this group - we are here to discuss narrow gauge railway modelling and have fun doing so.

      Things to remember:
      1 - Humour does not translate easily to the written word. Emoticons and other devices are not fool-proof. Please mind how you phrase messages so as not to cause offence and remember that humour translates even less well between langauges!

      2 - Please delete unneccessary information from the your emails before posting, particularly when replying to somebody else's post, the content of which is appended automatically to your reply. Digest recipients don't want to read multiple copies of the same information in the same email in quick succession!

      3 - There is an option to send 'Well done' replies and the like to the original sender instead of the whole group. If the archive is to be a store of useful information, these messages may not be needed, and our allocated space, though generous, is limited.

      4 - You can delete anything that you post - files, photos, messages, etc. If you decide that something is no longer relevent, please remove it. This applies equally to content with a shelf-life, like postings about items for sale or eBay auctions. That is not to say don't post them because people will be interested to see them but they are no longer required when the item is sold.

      5 - Membership is moderated but not restricted to members of the Association. The first few posts of new members are also moderated to ensure that posts of dubious or irrelevent content are not allowed through. Posts from new members may not therefore appear immediately. Moderation will be removed quicker if you are a member of the Association and include a valid membership number in your signature.

      6 - Please include your name, approximate location and Association Membership number if you have one as a signature at the end of posts in order that people know with whom they are interacting. If you have a web site to show off, please include that too. This is a courtesy that we ask you to extend to your fellow members in order that less knowledgable or newer members can find a place in this community - it is not a clique except perhaps by subject matter.

      7 - You will not have been sent every post that occurred before you joined but it is possible that your question could already have been asked and answered. The archive of messages is accessible online at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/7mmnga/messages and is searchable using the [Search Archive] button and box next to it.

      All of the above are strong guidelines,rather than rigidly enforced rules. These measures and suggestions result from past experience. They will be exercised, as opposed to enforced, by the group moderators with common sense and sensitivity.

      We are after all here to have fun! Thank you for your time and back to 7mm Narrow Gauge modelling.

      7mmnga Group Moderators
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