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17389Online Trial offering: 1916 Marion Steam Shovel Catalog in PDF format download

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  • darrylhuffman
    Feb 13, 2014
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      I have been selling several CDs containing old catalogs on mining, logging, steamboats and other subject for about 15 years.

      Until now I have only been able to offer these to my European customers by mailing a CD to them which is quick expensive and slow to get there..

      Adobe Software, inventors of the PDF format system, now has a brand new program that will allow me to send large files around the world in PDF format.

      You can view the file and then download it into your computer or even burn it to a CD if you like.

      This is a new program that I have subscribed to and I have sent test versions to my different computers and the system works well.

      So right now I am offering my 1916 Marion Steam Shovel Catalog in PDF format to members of this group.

      You can find more information on this offering at my website:

      This page does not mention this special offering to this group.

      The file is about 55 megs in size so it will take a while to download the file, but with a fast internet connection it will only take a minute or so.

      And I think British download speeds are much faster than here in the USA.

      The price for the 1916 Marion Steam Shovel catalog in PDF format is $10 and I do not expect payment for the download until you have successfully downloaded the file and have viewed it.

      The file will remain available to you for 5 days so you will need to download it within that time period.

      If anyone is interested in buying this download, please email me off-list at:


      Payment by Paypal is easiest and you will not need to do this until after you have viewed and successfully downloaded the file.

      The file is coming to you through Abode Software Systems so their is no need to worry about a virus or any other malware.

      Darryl Huffman
      451 N Evelyn Way
      Star, ID 83669

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