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17387Re: auto couplings for O-9

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  • Steve and Gloria
    Feb 13, 2014
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      We used the 'n' Kadees (Microtrains) couplings on Roy Link skips on
      Tidmeric Minerals 14mm gauge line for many years and had no real
      problems. Physically, they are small and look good, but need careful
      installation and are not much good coupling/uncoupling on curves. Also
      affecting them to some extent was the side play due to wheel back to
      backs and axle/bearing slop that could cause a wagon to twist on the
      track when propelled. All of this is due to the overhang with short
      wheelbase wagons but was not generally an issue. Magnets might be a
      problem, electromagnets remove false uncoupling issues but I'm not sure
      if they are available in 9mm gauge. Also, the strength of magnets to
      uncoupled wagons was an interesting feature to show visitors but
      frustrating to operators. Wagons (rake of three) would be drawn to s
      msgnet due both to the coupling dropper but also steel axles/wheel
      treads. This is minimised by semi permanent rakes/drag springs and
      eliminated by not using ferrous metals. Fitting on R.Link chassis is
      easy and simply requires a small flat to be made on the centre line to
      bring the coupling to the gauge height.
      The perfect coupling is not yet in production!


      Steve W
      Staines under Thames.
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