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17140Re: [7mm NGA] BTinternet.com email address

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  • stuart
    Sep 8, 2013
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      i have 2 email addresses attached to my yahoo account (non of them a yahoo email )
      and i can choose which to use (at any time) for my notifications.
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      What it might mean is that you have to rejoin each group from your new address. I’d endless trouble with a non Yahoo account because it bounced quite a few group e-mails as spam. So XXX@... was spamming Yahoo group messages. If so many bounce Yahoo ask you to reset your account, presumably on the basis that if you don’t the account (or you) is dead. My solution was to take an e-mail address at Yahoo, free, costs nowt, but Yahoo don’t spam Yahoo. I’m now with BT who in effect use Yahoo as their e-mail provider, so I’ve dumped the @yahoo account.


      The point being, whoever you end up with, set up a Yahoo account and rejoin all your groups with that address.



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