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17123Re: [7mm NGA] RE: Vote for Old Yahoo Format

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  • Brian Rumary
    Sep 4, 2013
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      On 02/09/2013 18:01, heatonwood@... wrote:
      >  Sorry to be the only one in the world to disagree but I am now quite liking the new format..... The group moderators need to fix the picture - John Clutterbuck fixed the 014 group photo to a nice long thin shot of the Penrhyn Ladies within hours of 'going neo' 
      >  You can click between different conversations more easily,  add to them more easily, see a nice selection of photo albums more easily
      > and it displays better on my iphone.  Some have reported spurious html text appearing in their emails on the Ff R group, but i cannot find any on my display.
      > Finally I can click between my groups on the left side panel much more quickly than before. 
      > so my vote is stop wingeing and get used to it!!
      > Paul  

      One thing I would like to see fixed is the fact that some members
      messages keep having a code " " appearing throughout their text.
      What is this?

      Brian Rumary
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