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17098RE: [7mm NGA] Brass handrails

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  • Trevor Shaw
    Aug 23, 2013
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      Hi Steve,

      I'm very much inclined to agree with what you say about the chemistry of
      Pyruma and Das. When I first came across Pyruma, about 50 years ago, it was
      intended for fixing cracks in coal-burning fireplaces. Das has always been
      intended as a modelling clay. I know which I'd back as resistant to a
      blowlamp. Allan Downes is without doubt a good modeller -- but has he ever
      tried a blowlamp on Das?



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      > My memory of using Pyruma was that it was slightly coarser than DAS but,
      if Allan Downes says it's the same I'm not going to argue!
      I'm not sure that's correct, Allan Downes or no.... fire cement is a mineral
      based compound with a definite sandy texture and sets like rock. DAS on the
      other hand is a softer and much finer material made (I believe) from pulped
      paper with a mineral additive - possibly china clay as it has a high mica
      content and what might be gum arabic as a binder. When it dries it has the
      same properties as watercolour paper or card which is why it is so useful
      when using watercolour for modelling stone and brickwork. It is definitely
      not as hard as fire cement and I would question its heat retardant



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