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16836Re: [7mm NGA] MEK substitute

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  • Howard Clarke
    May 12, 2013
      If you find a printer that still uses that old type method then he will get a 5 litre can of MEK (Buto-1-one) for around £11 (Plus VAT if you do not have cash)
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      From: Frank Sharp
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      Sent: Sunday, May 12, 2013 12:07 PM
      Subject: RE: [7mm NGA] MEK substitute


      Perhaps more for our UK members, but may apply to Dutch products too. I had
      for a long time used Polypipe's Pipe Cleaner. Intended to clean PVC pipe
      prior to using PVC pipe adhesive or primer on ABS pipe. It worked well and I
      assumed it was fairly pure MEK. Recent purchases simply don't work, there is
      much less solvating action, and though it still smells of MEK it is not as
      strong smelling as before and I'm guessing there is something else in there.
      Maybe that's to placate the Health and Safety regulations and moves it down
      into some lower category.

      The solution, dreadful pun, was to go on line and buy a gallon bottle. I
      also bought a gallon of Dichloromethane which is a better solvent for some
      grades of ABS. Unfortunately I couldn't find a supplier who had both so it
      cost two lots of courier charges, the post office won't touch it, though I
      doubt the courier drivers have any better training or a clue as to what
      either is or does or what to do if the container bursts. I'm fortunate on
      living alone, no kids or pets to worry about with this sort of thing about,
      even then it is kept locked away.



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