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  • oztrainz
    Mar 5, 2013
      G'day Onizuka,
      For some links to UK coal mining resources try the following

      For UK, try the Photo gallery at the Coal Mining Resource Centre

      For photos of Welsh coal mines try

      <http://www.welshcoalmines.co.uk/Photo.htm> click the name of the mine, look for some of the smaller mines like Abercrave in Brecon

      If you decide to go to the US side
      Search the "Shorpy" site for "coal mining"

      and 2 pages if of Pennsylvanian coal mining liks for you to explore at

      and the Historic American Buildsings Survey/Historic American Engineering Record at the US Library of Congress

      That should give you plenty to look at
      John Garaty
      modelling a local Aussie colliery incline

      --- In 7mmnga@yahoogroups.com, "onizuka_shiraga" <onizuka47@...> wrote:
      > Greetings, Lads and Ladies!!!
      > Been a bit busy with this thing called "Life," mostly that nonsense that is the affliction of "work," but at least it provides the means for "play" so I shant complain too much!!!
      > Thought I'd catch you up on the latest on the WCG, which is... not much, really. Although, I purchased some foam core slabs from an art supply shop the other day. I've also nicked... er, "salvaged" some thin cardboard boxes from the recycling bin at work.
      > The foam core will be used to mock-up the train boards, scenery, gradient changes, etc. on the layout, while the cardboard will be used to mock-up the structures and rolling stock, which shall give me a rough approximation of how things will be laid out and minimize the number of problems that will crop up during construction. Or, so I hope!
      > Also, I have decided to change the locale of the railway from an urban setting to a rural one. My whole rationale for building an urban setting was so that I could have a number of industries for shunting, but a small village dependent on the railway to deliver goods/post/passenger services would also provide good shunting possibilities. (Also, a rural setting means grass and trees, thus putting some GREEN in West Camberwick Green!)
      > The biggest decision I have to make in regards to the layout at this point is to determine the main industry that this railway serves, which I've narrowed down to two possibilities. Coal and iron ore. At this point, the mine won't be modeled, but I will build some wagons to represent said industry and represent the economic engine that drives the need for an industrial steam-powered railway in 1968-1980.
      > Now, my home state of Minnesota is famous for its iron ore mining and at one time, provided 70% of the iron ore and Taconite used in US steel production. (Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan being the other two larger iron ore producing states.) I have to go back and re-read my sources, but weren't there iron ore mines around Doncaster and Sheffield? (Correct me if I'm wrong on this!)
      > I DO know, however, that coal mining WAS a major industry in the UK. One of the types of model railroads I've toyed with building, is a small, industrial shortline railroad set in West Virginia or Pennsylvania, during the "transition era" of the 1950s (Steam and "first generation" diesel locomotives). And a coal mine would provide ample fuel for steam engines (which is why the Norfolk & Western Railroad was the last big US railroad to "drop fires" on steam in 1960-61). So, I think I may just go that route.
      > So, if you guys can suggest any good resources on coal railways of England and Wales, please let me know.
      > Also, as usual, I'm open to suggestions and comments about the layout.
      > But, that's where I am with this at the moment. I hope all of your modeling projects are progressing much more smoothly for you than this is for me!
      > More updates to come.
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