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16604RE: [Bulk] [7mm NGA] Re: Update: West Camberwick Green

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  • Frank Sharp
    Mar 1, 2013
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      Just to add to the point about moving ore to fuel. A few miles out of Oban
      heading to Glasgow you see a sign for Bonawe Furnace. You might assume iron
      ore out crop. Not true, what the area had was trees. The trees were reduced
      to charcoal but the ore was shipped from Furness, Lake District, smelted and
      the raw iron shipped back. We are talking C17th, so sailing ships.



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      To add to the previous comments, ironstone quarrying would be a possibility,
      but the areas you mention are iron smelting regions not quarrying areas
      (iron smelting uses a lot more coal than iron ore so generally the iron is
      moved to the coal and not vice-versa).

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