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16540RE: [7mm NGA] Better late than never...

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  • Robin Edwards
    Feb 9, 2013
      Hi Mike and welcome,

      I haven't seen or heard from you for years! It is good to know that you are
      still modelling.

      For the rest of you, Mike was instrumental in the formative years of the 7mm
      NGA and was made an honorary life member in recognition of this. If I
      remember correctly I think he was involved with security at Heathrow Airport
      but had to retire due to ill health. He teamed up with Roy Link to publish
      the 'Review' and took it over completely for a period of time. I remember
      the two of them made quite a double act with their stand at Expo NG when
      they released the Lister kit.

      Good luck with your 7/8":1ft modelling - something for a future 'Review'


      Robin Edwards (210)

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      Hi Chaps

      Just signing in. should have done this a loooong time ago but...

      Moved to Spain ten years ago and soon realised that they don't really do
      model railways out here bar the odd Bemo train set. Model shops are few and
      far between as well so no popping down to the local one for supplies either,
      but since when has that ever stopped a modeller!

      Had a fire some five years ago when I lost ALL my models so have had to
      start again and to be honest arthritis hasn't really allowed me to work in
      the smaller scales for a while now, so have to admit I am scratch building
      in 1:13.7 (7/8" : 1ft). I still do enjoy reading my Narrow Lines which
      fortunately manage to reach me without fail every issue. Nice to see folks
      keeping up the good work and standards started all those years ago.

      Cheers for now

      Mike Brown
      Member No.8
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