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14686Re: Orphan seeks parent

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  • Mick
    Apr 6, 2011
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      Hi all!
      I have used SPUDs by extending the axles on my D&HR Class 'D' Garratt. See the photo-file!
      The axles are 2mm steel rod - easily available for mini gear sets.
      The wheels are 14mm dia. from the usual sources.
      I 'crimp' the axle in the centre to grip the gear.
      The ends of the axles are 'reduced' by rotating in an Expo drill and using a file until small enough to run a die down them to suit Romford outside cranks with brass balance weights added. The pick-ups will need attention to rub on the rims of the larger wheels. It has worked well for me & I will probably use the same methods again. The valve gear is modified from a suitable etch from Comet, but Branchlines do sets of cranks & coupling rods for SPUDs.
      Happy cobbling from a sunny Gloucestershire, Robert. No. 2823.

      --- In 7mmnga@yahoogroups.com, stephen howe <stephenjhowe@...> wrote:
      > Anyone know how easy (or otherwise) it is to put extended axles and outside
      > cranks on a a Spud?
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