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14678RE: [7mm NGA] Orphan seeks parent

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  • Gary Cox
    Apr 5, 2011
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      From memory I thought the Wrightlines De Winton kit takes the 31mm Spud. In
      theory it should still be available from ABS


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      I'm usually very good about keeping parts for kits together. Open a box and
      there'll be the kit, motor, gearbox, wheels, plates, and the instructions
      with notes on of where to find photos etc. It means that often years after I
      bought it I can open the box and just start.

      In a drawer I've turned up a brand new Tenshodo SPUD, 31 mm wheelbase. No
      kit, no notes, all forlorn on its own. I've had it quite a while from what
      it is buried under, and maybe it was bought in error for a shorter wheelbase
      or as part of a job lot.

      I'd like to use it but I've been through ABS catalogue and anything else I
      can think of but I haven't found any body kit that fits. Anyone know of
      anything intended to take such a relatively long wheelbase?

      I'm not really looking to sell it, but conversely if anyone has a suitable
      body kit to fit that they want rid of (cheaply) please contact me OFF GROUP.
      I'm looking for something that might have been around 1920's /30's.



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