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  • andrewyoung@mypostoffice.co.uk
    Apr 2, 2011

      My Link produced L&M book is out on the table at the moment after spending
      Tuesday, walking along part of the Manifold Way with my brother's family,
      I've just picked it up. Whilst it is an exquisite publication and
      certainly sets the standard for the future. It could equally be argued
      that the majority of colour in the book is a 'nice to have' rather than a
      'must have'. Yes there are coloured maps and inked in drawings which are
      nice, yet the most use of colour for the main part has been to give the
      photos a sepia tinge rather than pure b&w!

      Equally, I like the Wild Swan layout, and as Adrian says, not much of the
      book could've been published in colour anyway, unless someone drew some
      coloured drawings. I did wonder when I read the review of the W&L book in
      the Review, whether there was an element of sour grapes in that the book
      had been published by Wild Swan rather than by RCL....

      In conclusion, we should be thankful that there are three high quality
      publishers of books on the narrow gauge for us to spend our money on:

      Firstly there's Wild Swan, the format is slightly dated now, but that
      doesn't stop my enjoyment from reading them and I have quite a few!

      Secondly, RCL, The quality of the Spooner Album, Slate Quarry and other
      albums are second to none and I would have to rate their L&M book as the
      best in the field making the best of modern technology.

      Thirdly is Rail Romances, currently making my way through Iron Sherpa Vol
      2, runs the L&M book very closely for being the best imho!!

      For me, these would be complete with a good quality history of the Corris.


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