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13671Sierra Leone Hunslet 2-6-2T Kitm

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  • ianj0trains
    May 1, 2010
      Hi All,

      Thanks to those of you who have been able to fill out the gaps in my knowledge of the history of that kit. I wasn't aware the wheelbase was incorrect, but then I've never checked it against a drawing ! As it looks fine, it's not a problem as far as I'm concerned.

      Given the interest though that obviously exists for this kit, and the (presumed,) increase in modelling of the W&L since the introduction of Kevin Trims kits, it would seem an ideal model to be placed high on the list of "desired" re-releases.


      Ian J
      Melb, Aust.

      --- In 7mmnga@yahoogroups.com, "Taylor, David" <DLTaylor@...> wrote:
      > Hi Chris,
      > That must be a collectors item now! The kit passed to Vulcan when Merlin decided to concentrate on 16mm scale; from there to Eric Underhill, and finally Wrightlines. Vulcan were the only outfit to produce it in any numbers; I dont think Eric Underhill actually produced any, but sold the remaining stocks with his own label stuck on the Vulcan box. I've certainly only ever seen it in Vulcan packaging. Wrightlines didnt produce any, and I dont think they acquired any stock.
      > As for the kit, it was originally designed to fit on a Lima Diesel Shunter chassis. I beleive it was Vulcan who added the choice of etched brass chassis and valvegear. The wheelbase though still matched the 00 diesel (so you still the choice of using that) and is therefore not prototypically correct for the SLR loco. It still looks great though.
      > Keep looking, they do come up secondhand quite regularly. Asking the Association Secondhand Sales Officer to look out for one may help.
      > I've got one, which is rapidly approaching the top of the "to do" pile.
      > Cheers,
      > Dave.T
      > ________________________________________
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