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13147Re: 0-4-2 chassis

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  • adriangrayfr
    Feb 5, 2010
      Now, why didn't _I_ think of the Festiniog & Blaenau pair?!! Much closer to 'home' than anything else!

      Geoff is absolutely right, they wouldf make excellent use of a couple of the chassis ans the 4mm scale frames coulds even be retained AND remian a fairly convincing representation of the back ends of the Manning Wardles.
      All you would need would be to add coupling rods and outside cylinders.


      --- In 7mmnga@yahoogroups.com, "Geoff Loynes" <geoffloynes@...> wrote:
      > How about an F&B Manning Wardle 0-4-2T - they even had outside framed real trailing wheelsets, and were rather similar in size and layout to 'Talyllyn', which was built about 3 years earlier - I wonder if there was a bit of copying going on?
      > Geoff
      > --- In 7mmnga@yahoogroups.com, "stephenjhowe@" <stephenjhowe@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Hi all,
      > > In the near future I am likely to become the recipient of 3 ex-Airfix 14xx chassis, (the bodies having ascended to greater things in P4) It struck me there should be a good use in 0-16.5 for them but I am pondering a suitable prototype. I don't want a GVT loco (which is the usual way of hiding dodgy mechanisms!) and we already have two Tallylyn 0-4-2s on nice Branchlines chassis. So what to choose? I believe some of the Irish lines had some small 0-4-2 and 2-4-0s whose suitably 'boxy' superstructures might contain the rather bulky commercial chassis. The IoM locos might be a bit too dainty for the rather solid commercial mech. Setting up outside cylinders etc. should not pose too much of a problem.
      > > Anyone any ideas?
      > >
      > > Steve
      > >
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