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13135RE: [7mm NGA] NG&I Review (was Re: 0-4-2 chassis)

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  • Taylor, David
    Feb 2, 2010
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      Thanks very much David, and yes I will be publishing details of the level-crossing mech at some stage, but PLEASE don't hold your breath!

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      Like Frank my Review arrived Saturday, although 'distaff side' didn't tell me until last night. Penance for my attending Southampton show no doubt!

      Another great edition, and David T has me drooling for details of his level crossing mechanism for Bridport. I keep threatening to build Rolle Quay which has both the L&B crossings as per his description. I've given up on devising a single set of gears per crossing, and 8 motors in total at 1 per gate would be an expensive option. So I guess I'll be looking at wire-in-tube with stops.

      BTW if Roy is looking in on this, I have a scan of a hand-tinted postcard of Cabourg (CF de Calvados) which shows that the artists weren't always aware of what they were colouring in: could be an interesting coda to Tim Shackleton's article.

      David H

      #1603, Wiltshire UK

      "NG&IRMR [...] arrived today"


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