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11795Re: [7mm NGA] Kadee Pockets

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  • Arthur Budd
    Apr 1, 2009
      ----- Original Message -----
      >From: "Nick" <Nick.Pidgley@...>

      >Is it possible to get such a thing as a Kadee pocket to fit onto locos?

      Hi Nick

      Steve Bennet at www.pepper7.com does a pair of resin castings (cat. no. M018.
      Listed under Miscellaneous Resin Castings in the Black Dog Mining 1/43 section
      on the website) for £1 a pair which take the No. 5 coupling draft box. You still
      need an 8 x 3.5mm slot in the headstock in the appropriate place but the casting
      means that you only need about 7mm behind the headstock for the draft box. If
      there still isn't sufficient room behind the headstock you can always pack the
      casting out with plasticard shims.


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