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  • Paul Davies
    Dec 9, 2008
      Hello Kelvin,

      The coach is a complete mess I'm afraid. I aproximated it from a
      photograph downloaded from IRFCA so it's 6mm too short. It also runs
      on Bachman wagon bogies which aren't correct. Add to that the fact
      that the plasticard has warped and it's only fit for scrap really.

      I will get in touch with Ken. Can you send his email again off-list?
      The forum software automatically removes anything after the 'at' sign.

      The etches were intended to be a private thing for myself after
      realising that was the best way to produce the number of coaches I
      need and my lack of skill with plasticard (especially with many
      square windows). I certainly don't intend to make a commercial
      venture out of it, but I am prepared to do a few extra if anyone is
      interested in picking the cost of an individual etch up.

      I traced the Bagnall drawing directly from a copy of the original
      works drawing and reduced it to correct size via a photocopier. As
      often happens, I found out about the study group drawing after
      completing it! It would be interesting to compare the two drawings
      sometime though.



      --- In 7mmnga@yahoogroups.com, "Kelvin A. White" <kelvin@...> wrote:
      > Hello Paul
      > The coach looks OK, but I would like more detail before financially
      supporting the project....I presume you are aware that Ken got Allen
      Doherty (Worsley Works) to make etched brass chassis for these
      coaches in 4mm Scale.
      > Ken's webb site is here http://home.acenet.net.au/kjw-
      > which describes his 4mm Barfi Light Railway layout. As you are
      proposing to base your your artwork on Ken's CM drawings it might be
      polite to ask his for his blessing - he can be contacted at kjw-
      meh@... Also check if he still thinks the drawings are correct.
      > Re your CS class 2-4-0T chassis - are you using the drawings I
      published in the Indian Railway Study Group Newsletter so many, many
      years ago? These locos have always been a favourite - somewhere
      there is a commercial video of these locos bouncing their way across
      typical rough Indian NG track.
      > When I disbanded the IRSG (due to work presures) I gave all of the
      publications to BORHT - who make them available - see
      > http://users.breathe.com/pwa/borht/irsg.htm
      > Best regards
      > Kelvin White
      > Former IRSG Editor / Publisher
      > Oxford, England
      > Email: kelvin@...
      > >>1a. Re: OT. Indian NG - An old friend re-emerges
      > Posted by: "Paul Davies" paul.r.davies@... paulrdavies2003
      > Date: Sat Dec 6, 2008 12:12 pm ((PST))
      > Hello all,
      > I'm heavily into Indian 2'6" in 7mm scale as Kelvn already knows.
      > From this end there's always been the problem of getting accurate
      > prototype info and measurements, and seeing as I'm not going to get
      > to India anytime soon due to a young family, any information would
      > gratefully received.
      > For my part, I have obtained a copy of Ken Walker's article on
      > standard 34'6" stock, re-sized them and am going to do some artwork
      > to get etches done for my own private use. This followsa really
      > approximation in plasticard. If they come to fruition I could
      > do a few extra while I'm at it.
      > I have uploaded a couple of photos into a new folder called Indian
      > Models.
      > Paul.
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