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105Re:Outside Frames, Blowtorches, & layouts

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  • David Leslie Taylor
    Jan 24, 2001
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      Hmmm, doesn't sound like the Busy Bee kit is
      designed to be dismantled. Obviously, without having a
      look at one, I wouldn't like to comment further.
      Regarding the Roxey "Foxdale" coach, I would
      suggest that a Resistance Soldering kit (and solder paste)
      would a better tool than a blowtorch for fitting the
      panels. The coach sides are large slabs of brass, and they
      may buckle with the heat from a blowtorch. But then, I've
      never used one, any suggestions anyone? I've also never
      used a resistance soldering set up, but everyone I know who
      has, now swears by them. They work by passing a current
      through the joint, giving instant localised heat.
      I used solder paste and a hefty iron, which was
      slow and messy. Iron and low-melt solder (145 degrees)
      would probably work, but you may get a problem with flux
      residues inside the joint. Another problem could be the
      amount of heat needed to solder the body together
      afterwards, and the prospect of unsoldering the panels!
      Strategically placed heat-sinks should solve this though.
      Thanks to all those who have made kind comments on
      my Railway Modeller article, but looking at it now it seems
      a bit waffly. Had there been less words, they could have
      printed the photos bigger!
      If anyone is in the vicinity, Bridport Town will be
      at the North Petherton show this coming weekend, 27th and
      28th, at the Community Centre, North Petherton, Somerset.
      (On A38, just south of Bridgewater, M5 junction 24) Do
      come and say hello.

      On Mon, 22 Jan 2001 08:23:50 -0000 Victor Rybacki
      <vrybacki@...> wrote:

      > Thanks David - the cylinders and motion bracket in the kit attach to
      > the outside frames, and I don't think there is an easy way to attach
      > these components to the inner frames. I am trying to work out how to
      > attach the outer frames to the inner ones by screws or some kind
      > of 'saddle' which sits over the inner frames.
      > I read you article in RM - interesting - I am going to have to get a
      > blowtorch of some kit to assemble the Roxey IOM coach kit ! Any one
      > got any suggestions of a supplier ?
      > Vic
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      David Leslie Taylor
      University of Exeter
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