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101Re: [7mmnga] Branchlines Busy Bee Kit

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  • David Leslie Taylor
    Jan 19, 2001
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      There is a perfectly simple way of making dummy
      outside frames removable without dismantling the chassis,
      and that is to slot the axle holes downwards, so that the
      frames can be lifted away from the axles. The dummy frames
      can then be fixed to the chassis by screws, or (my
      preferred method) fixed to the underside of the footplate,
      so they become part of the body, and are not fixed in any
      way to the chassis.
      Once in place, the fact that the frames are
      slotted, and don't meet below the axle, is not readily
      apparent, most of it is hidden behind the outside cranks.
      I have to say that I am unfamiliar with the Busy
      Bee kit, so cannot comment on how this would work with this
      particular loco.
      One problem may be the mounting of the cylinders,
      what do these attach to? Ideally they need to be mounted
      on the chassis and NOT on the outside frames. This is the
      method I used when scratchbuilding a Hunslet 262 some years
      ago. I used Romford wheels, and actually made the dummy
      outside frames from Plasticard.
      Is that any help? Victor, I could send you a
      sketch if you wish.
      David Taylor.

      On Tue, 16 Jan 2001 20:36:31 -0000 Victor Rybacki
      <vrybacki@...> wrote:

      > My construction of the Branchline Busy Bee has stalled while I try to
      > work out how to attach the outside frames in a way which allows them
      > to be removable - I am not keen on trapping the driving wheels
      > between the dummy outside frames and the inside frames by attaching
      > the outside frames permanently.
      > Anybody out there done anything like this ?
      > Vic
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      David Leslie Taylor
      University of Exeter
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