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  • drjazz78@aol.com
    Greetings All, Does anybody have a copy of Vocalion 15388 Tennessee Tooters of Minor Gaff ? I will trade well for a nice copy!! Doug DrJazz78@aol.com
    Message 1 of 64 , Jan 1, 2003
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      Greetings All,

      Does anybody have a copy of Vocalion 15388 Tennessee Tooters of "Minor
      Gaff"? I will trade well for a nice copy!!


    • drjazz78@...
      Greetings All, Does anybody have a copy of Radis 511 Maria My Own by the Harlem Rhythm Band they would swap me? Doug In a message dated 10/1/2015 12:36:30
      Message 64 of 64 , Oct 1
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        Greetings All,
            Does anybody have a copy of Radis 511 "Maria My Own" by the Harlem Rhythm Band they would swap me?
        In a message dated 10/1/2015 12:36:30 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, 78-c@yahoogroups.com writes:

        This is a monthly informational message sent automatically to all members of the 78-C mailing list at YahooGroups, and was last updated: February 3rd 2013

        (Our apologies for the length, but please read this at least once or whenever it is updated!)

        If you DO NOT wish to continue to be subscribed, please use the unsubscribe email address found at the bottom of this message.

        Please keep the most recent copy of this message for reference on how to contact the List, or to subscribe or un-subscribe from the List. Subscribe messages should never be sent to the List address, since the members at large can't help you.
        See below for contact information.

        78-C is a sister group to 78-L.
        We are a "commercial" list for anyone interested in buying/selling or trading early vintage 78-rpm records, Cylinder Records or Edison Diamond Disc sound recordings and related material.

        Not every member of the List is knowledgeable and many may be complete "newbies"... help them whenever possible, even if they ARE trying to sell a copy of Francis Craig's Bullet recording of "Near You" or some Ken Griffin tunes. You never know when one of them might turn up a copy of a Robert Johnson recording on blue label Vocallion or maybe a Black Patti disc!

        Generally, on 78-C, if it isn't...

        a list of records for sale
        a list of records wanted
        a list trades to make or want
        a pointer to an auction for records for sale
        and related material

        or if it IS any message that prompts discussion threads

        then it belongs on the sister discussion list 78-L.

        If you want to get into general record discussions, it is suggested that you move these to the 78-L list which is where they more properly belong, and where they will more likely be found in an archival search by someone looking for information down the road.
        Go here for information about 78-L and how to join it:-


        SOME DO's and DONT's to observe when posting to 78-C
        DO edit to a minimum, any previous messages quoted in your responses.
        DO make your message "subject" lines short and concise... cramming them only leads to confustion.
        DO add a tag line of your business or hobby if directly related to records.
        DO send email to the list owner (see below) if you post a message AND it does not appear on the list.
        DO test any links in your message BEFORE you send it to the list, and use Tiny URL's whenever possible.
        DON'T post "Auction Ending" messages for any auctions (typically Ebay!) that run less than 30 days.
        DON'T post additional messages when you have already posted an auction pointer with the same links.
        DON'T add non-disc related tag lines to your messages promoting any other cause or thing.
        DON'T repost an entire message or list digest back to the list.
        DON'T post messages with ATTACHMENTS of any kind...YahooGroups will strip them and they will not be distributed with the text portion of your message. If you have a "for sale" or "wants" list, include it within your email message for distribution to all the List members. If you have a file you want the members to see, upload it to the "FILES" section of the List as noted below, and describe it in your message. If other members want to view it, they can go to the "FILES" area and view it there.

        Please send regular (text) mail to the list, do not send HTML (Bold face, underlined, etc.) formatted mail. Many members do not have email readers that can read HTML formatted mail, it looks like gibberish to them, and parts of your message may be lost or garbled. Most mail programs have options to turn off HTML mail.
        Go here to understand WHY you should do this, and HOW to do it:-


        Some messages containing a long link such as an EBAY seller, like this:-


        Your browser may have only highlighted the first line, and when you click on it, you only get the part that read:-


        Someone's browser inserted a CRLF (Carriage Return + Line Feed) which broke the line into two separate parts which EBAY does not understand. The fix for this is to copy BOTH lines into a word processor or mail editor, and edit the two lines together again.

        The line should have read as one, and all of it highlighted like this:-


        The above line all the way to "rows=0" should be highlighted in your browser indicating it is a "clickable link".

        If those links look too big, or if they are usually broken by the time the post reaches the list, you could always use
        TINYURL. Go here to see how to make a TINYURL to give a clickable link for your listings or "Items for Sale" pages:-


        When replying to a long message, please edit any quotes, that you include, to only the relevant parts, and NEVER requote an entire message or digest back to the list. "Me, too", "I agree" or "Send me one" (or similar) messages are discouraged. Please send this kind of message to the originating party in PRIVATE email by cutting and pasting their address into your message. Save the List bandwidth for relevant messages.

        If you intend to reply personally to the sender of a message, make sure that the TO: field of your message contains the email address of the message originator, and does not contain 78-c@yahoogroups.com. Otherwise hundreds of people will get your reply, and see your 'personal' comments.
        The default reply is that your mail will be sent to ALL listmembers.

        If you go on vacation and do not read your email, your mailbox may fill up and bounce your mail back to the list, resulting in YahooGroups automatically suspending your account as BOUNCING. You can easily set your account to "NO EMAIL" by going to the group HOME pages listed below, OR make sure your mailbox at your ISP is large, since the List can generate megabytes of mail per week.

        NOTE: If an account is HARD BOUNCING and reports "User Unknown" or similar, or if it remains in BOUNCING status for over 30 days, it will be deleted from the 78-C membership, and you will have to resubscribe if you want to rejoin the group.

        SPAM postings are NOT permitted, and please refrain from discussion postings and "smart comment-one liners". Postings of items of a limited local nature are discouraged since 78-C is read by a world wide audience.

        78-C has a history of tolerance and very light group management. It is intended for a civilized, polite and gentlemanly discourse for the subject matter, and members are expected to act accordingly and respect the general rules of "netiquette" and leave name-calling, flames, s.e.x, religion and politics for other lists.

        The group HOME page and the FILES section can be found at:-


        The group is not generally moderated, but for the benefit of all our readers, posting is restricted to approved members to prevent spammers, special interest groups, and other InterNet low-life from accessing and posting their unwanted advertising, smut and drivel to the group.

        Email addresses for messages and subscriptions:

        To post a message to the whole group, email to: 78-c@yahoogroups.com
        To unsubscribe or leave the group, email to: 78-c-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com
        To subscribe to the group, email to: 78-c-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
        To contact the Listowner, email to: 78-c-owner@yahoogroups.com

        In most cases a standard form message will be sent to you for your guidance.

        If more than one moderator is set up for the group, email sent to:- 78-c-owner@yahoogroups.com
        is sent to ALL moderators, and as such, you MAY get multiple replies.

        ... The Listowner

        End of automatic monthly information email, and thank you for reading it!

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