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  • conaty
    Here are 100 records. (Nineteen are appearing for the first time!) All are $2 each/6 @ $10. Domestic Shipping is $4 for the first three records; $1 for each
    Message 1 of 130 , May 1, 2001
      Here are 100 records. (Nineteen are appearing for the first time!) All are $2 each/6 @ $10. Domestic Shipping is $4 for the first three records; $1 for each additional. Overseas at cost.


      Rich Conaty

      522 State Street

      Hudson, NY 12534

      1) BB 11234 E+ MITCHELL AYRES Good-Bye Dear/Old Town Hall

      2) BB 11323 E+ MITCHELL AYRES Nadocky/Ev'ry Time

      3) BB 11468 EE+ VAUGHN MONROE Don't Tell a Lie/All for Love

      4) BB 11472 E KING SISTERS Roses Bloom Again/Hey! Zeke

      5) BB 30-0802 EE+ TONY PASTOR Soft-Hearted/Hey,Mabel!

      6) BR 2554 E+ ALLEN McQUHAE I Love You/Kiss Me With Your Eyes

      7) CAM 329 EE+ BILLY WEST Some Day/Love Sends a Little Gift

      8) CAP 243 E+ PIED PIPERS Moon Mist/Madame Butterball

      9) CAP 331 EE+ SKITCH HENDERSON Garden in the Rain/+ So to Bed

      10)CAP 340 EE+ JULIA LEE Oh, Marie!/On My Way Out

      11)CAP 923 E RAY ANTHONY Sentimental Me/Spaghetti Rag

      12)CAP 2839 E- PAUL/FORD I'm a Fool to Care/Auctioneer

      13)CAP 40283 EE+sol JIMMY WAKELY Dust/Touch of God's Hand

      14)CAP 7-65005 E+ SAL SALVADOR Round Trip/Cabin in the Sky

      15)COL 1486 E KITTY BERGER La Belle Helene/I Und Mei' Bua

      16)COL 1847 EE- QUINN/PEERLESS Beatrice Fairfax/Bounce Me John

      17)COL 20677 E LITTLE JIMMY DICKENS Turn Around & Get Married/Hillbilly Fever

      18)COL 36755 EE+ BENNY GOODMAN ICGYABL/Fiesta in Blue

      19)COL 36804 EE+ LES BROWN 'Tain't Me/I'll Always Be With You

      20)COL 36843 E BENNY GOODMAN Paper Moon/I'm Gonna Love That Guy

      21)COL 36905 EE+ FRANK SINATRA Oh! What It Seemed/Day by Day

      22)COL 36972 E LES BROWN In Love in Vain/Good Blues Tonight

      23)COL 37067 EE+ GENE KRUPA That's My Home/Matter of Opinion

      24)COL 37292 EE+ RUSSELL/KYSER As Long as I Live/Possum Song

      25)COL 38197 E KAY KYSER Woody Wood-pecker/When Veronica

      26)COL 39581 EE+ JO STAFFORD Shrimp Boats/Love, Mystery & Adventure

      27)COL 40329 E JACK LaDELLE Limehouse Blues/I Waved G'bye

      28)COL DB469 E ALBERT SANDLER Song of Songs/Serenade

      29)CONT 5058 EE+ RED RIVER DAVE Home is a Prison/Heartaches

      30)CONQ 7714 VV+ CORNWALL&CLEARY Rock of Ages/Old Rugged Cross

      31)CONQ 8621 E- LALLY/JOHNSON Rendezvous in Honolulu/Goody Goody

      32)DEC 4328 E (sol) MUGGSY SPANIER American Patrol/More Than U Know

      33)DEC 18916 EE+ JUBALAIRES&KIRK I'm So Lonesome/I Don't Know

      34)DEC 23590 EE+ EDDIE HEYWOOD I Don't Know Why/Loch Lomond

      35)DEC 23639 E+ LIONEL HAMPTON Flying Home #2/Punch and Judy

      36)DEC 23686 EE+ BING CROSBY When U Make Love/It Could Happen to U

      37)DEC 23790 EE- JOE MOONEY September Song/Just a Gigolo

      38)DEC 23863 E MILLS BROS Dream, Dream, Dream/Alley from Alamo

      39)DEC 24550 EE+ MILLS BROS Got My Love/Love U So Much

      40)DEC 28110 (DJ) EE- JIMMIE DAVIS When We All Get Together/30 Pieces

      41)DEC 28809 EE+ TEX WILLIAMS Deck of Cards/7 Days in Heaven

      42)DEC 29419 EE+ KITTY WELLS Whose Shoulder/

      43)DEC 29472 EE+ CARMEN McRAE Am I the One 2 Blame/Whatever Lola Wants

      44)DEC 29683 E+ DREAM WEAVERS Almost Tmw/Got Me Wondering

      45)DEC 30020 EE+ KAY CEE JONES Gypsy Fortune Teller/Wait Little Darling

      46)DEC 30185 E+ GENE ALLISON You're My Baby/Somebody Somewhere

      47)DLX 1005 EE+ GOLDEN ECHO QT Study War/Noah & the Ark

      48)EPC 9129 E- FOUR COINS Tear Down the Fence/Memories of You

      49)HAR 737 V+ ERNIE GOLDEN Sonny Boy/Neapolitan Night

      50)HAR 1007 E- BING CROSBY She Reminds Me of You/Paradise

      51)MERC 6415 EE- JERRY BYRD Hula Blues/This n' That

      52)MGM 11898 E+ SANTA/ULANO Story of Santa/Doodle-Li-Boop

      53)OK 6034 V+ GENE KRUPA Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy/Big Do

      54)OK 6947 EE+ VINCE FIORINO Red Canary/Tuba Square Dance

      55)OR 647 V+ C.DICKSON/ORIOLE QT What Good Is/Comin' Home from School

      56)OXF 3983 E- THOMAS MILLS Orchids

      57)PER 14370 VV+ PEERLESS/GLANTZ I'll Take Her Back/That Soothing Melody

      58)RNB 226 EE+ 4 CHICKS&CHUCK 3 O'clock in the AM/Foolin'

      59)SHRP S12 E+ HENRY BRANDON U Make My Beer/If I Ever Cry

      60)SIG 15017 E+ RAY BLOCH All Thru the Day/Cinderella Sue

      61)SIG 15020 E+ JOHNNY BOTHWELL Strange Feeling/22 Steps

      62)SIG 15155 E- JOHNNY LONG Eyes of TX/Fight On

      63)SNRA 1068 E FRANK CONNORS You're Irish/Mother Machree

      64)VARS 7030 E+ LAJOS KISS Narcissus/Troika

      65)VARS 8006 E+ SPENCER&GLOVER WESTENDORF Kathleen/Tralee

      66)VARS 8066 BUDDY CLARK E+ U R Too Beautiful/Robert, the Roue

      67)VARS 8158 EE+ BUDDY CLARK Hi-Diddle-Dee-D/3 Cheers

      68)VIC 16363 E VAN BRUNT/ROMAIN Dream in the Gloaming/Old Church Bell

      69)VIC 17007 V+ MILLER/DIXON 4 Killarney/If This Rose

      70)VIC 17266 E BAKER&WHEELER/VAN BRUNT Twilight Town/Garland

      71)VIC 17701 EE+ LUA&KAILI Hawaiian Waltz Medley/Kilima Waltz

      72)VIC 18064 EE+ REED/HARRISON Someone More Lonesome/Ashes

      73)VIC 18673 EE- JOSEPH C. SMITH Alexandria/Oriental Stars

      74)VIC 18883 EE+ PIETRO Faust/Favorite Operatic Airs

      75)VIC 19117 EE+ TROUBS/GREEN-ARDEN Roses of Picardy/Marcheta

      76)VIC 19472 E+ MARK ANDREWS Traumerei/Andantino

      77)VIC 19801 EE- INTL NOVELTY ORCH One O'Clock/Let Us Waltz

      78)VIC 19898 E- HERBERT BERGER Silv'ry Stream/Good-Night

      79)VIC 20051 E MAURICE J. GUNSKY Why Do I Always Remember/Lay My Head

      80)VIC 21228 V+ WHITEMAN/VIRGINIANS Smile/Away Down South

      81)VIC 27291 EE+ EDWARD MacHUGH Isle of Somewhere/Ninety & Nine

      82)VIC 101150 E RICHARD CROOKS Americans Come/Chevauchee Cosaque

      83)VIC 201576 E+ TOMMY DORSEY Lonely Heart/Will U Still Be Mine

      84)VIC 201737 EE+ TOMMY DORSEY Fat Man's/Chloe

      85)VIC 201773 EE+ TOMMY DORSEY Never Too Late to Pray/Chicago

      86)VIC 201985 E+ TOMMY DORSEY No Breeze/This Time

      87)VIC 202151 EE+ BLUE SKY BOYS Now Mother's Old/Seen My Daddy

      88)VIC 202460 E- DELTA RHYTHM BOYS Dry Bones/Sept Song

      89)VIC 205634 E+ EDDY ARNOLD My Everything/Second Fling

      90)VIC 206269 EE+ HANK SNOW Born to Be Happy/Mainliner

      91)VIC 206016 E JAYE P. MORGAN Softly, Softly/Heartbreak Ahead

      92)VIC 206885 E HARRY BELAFONTE Island in the Sun/Cocoanut Woman

      93)VIC 60083 EE+ LAMBERT MURPHY Birthday of a King

      94)VIC 60121 EE+ GEORGE MacFARLANE Night-Time Down in Burgundy

      95)VIC 61131 EE+ MARIE MICHAILOWA Ave Maria

      96)VIC 64660 EE+ FRITZ KREISLER Underneath the Stars

      98)VIC 64661 EE+ ELMAN STRING QT QT in D Minor

      98)VIC 64653 EE+ FRANCES ALDA Poor Butterfly

      99)ZON 5306 V ZON-O-PHONE ORCH Love and Waltzes

      100)ZON 5002 EE+ INTL NOVELTY QT Lena/Cuckoo

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    • Rich Conaty
      Here are 38 records. All are $2 each, 6 @ $10. Domestic Shipping is $4 for the first six records; $1 for each additional. Overseas at cost. Check, m.o. or
      Message 130 of 130 , Mar 5, 2004
        Here are 38 records. All are $2 each, 6 @ $10. Domestic Shipping is $4 for the first six records; $1 for each additional. Overseas at cost. Check, m.o. or PayPal. Look for my eBay Auctions under "mrcrecords." And don't miss "The Big Broadcast." Sunday 8-Midnight EST on WFUV, NYC and http://www.wfuv.org


        Rich Conaty

        522 State Street

        Hudson, NY 12534

        1) BAN 33386 VV+ HARLEM HOT SHOTS Old Piano/House Rent Party

        2) BB 5114 VV+ RUDY VALLEE Heart of Stone/Lazy Bones

        3) BB 7686 E- ART KASSEL Potomac Moon/Someone Thinks

        4) BB 10563 EE- sol ZIGGY ELMAN Tootin'/Used to Was

        5) BB 11323 EE+ MITCHELL AYRES Nadocky/Ev'ry Time

        6) BB 11376 E TONY PASTOR Blossoms/Get Happy

        7) BB 11434 E ABE LYMAN Mandy is 2/I'll Always Remember

        8) BB 11509 EE+ FREDDY MARTIN Here U Are/Oh, the Pity

        9) BR 7813 E- sol s1 BAILEY/NORVO Got My Love/Slumming

        10)BR 80019 EE+ MONTANA TAYLOR Detroit Rocks/Indiana Ave Stomp

        11)BR 80021 EE+ NELSON/RED Head Rag Hop/Wilkins St Stomp

        12)CAM 9057 VV+ BROADCASTERS/CARLS D.O. If I Had U/Way I'm Feeling

        13)CAP 108 V+ PAUL WHITEMAN Serenade in Blue/Kalamazoo

        14)CAP 412 EE- RED INGLE Temptation/Sentimental Reasons

        15)CAP 476 V+ RED INGLE Pagan Ninny/Nowhere

        16)CAP 15231 E- BOBBY SHERWOOD Elk's/Forest

        17)CIR 1033 V+ BILL DAVISON Yesterdays/Ghost of a Chance

        18)DEC 306 E- ART TATUM Star Dust/Beautiful Love

        19)HAR 126 VV+ MAL HALLETT Everything's Gonna/Whose Who

        20)HAR 729 EE- MACK ALLEN Warning to Boys/Warning to Girls

        21)MAJ 1204 E/E- ROSE MURPHY ICGYABL/When I Grow Too Old

        22)MEL 61005 E- VINCENT LOPEZ Sing, Sing, Sing/Knock, Knock

        23)OK 6341 V+ CAB CALLOWAY We Go Well/See a Million

        24)OK 6369 V BILLIE HOLIDAY Jim/Love Me or Leave Me

        25)OK 6519 E JACK LEONARD Who Calls/Madelaine

        26)OK 6590 E- BENNY GOODMAN String of Pearls/Jersey Bounce

        27)OK 6910 EE+ HADDA BROOKS My Song/Your Wedding

        28)SST 7559 E PETE DAILY Redlight Rag/Sugarfoot Strut

        29)VIC 16996 EE- TRINITY CHOIR Oh, Come/Joy To the World

        30)VIC 20977 VV+ GENE AUSTIN Are U Happy/Sigma Chi

        31)VIC 21150 VV+ sol s2 JEAN GOLDKETTE So Tired/Just a Little Kiss

        32)VIC 22595 V/E RUDY VALLEE When Your Hair/My Temptation

        33)VIC 25630 VV+ lbl dam s1 TOMMY DORSEY Stardust on the Moon/Having Wonderful Time

        34)VIC 26005 VV+ TOMMY DORSEY My Own/Pretty as a Picture

        35)VIC 20-1866 E- CLAMBAKE 7 Sweet Eileen/No One But You

        36)VIC 64267 E ALMA GLUCK Lo, Here the Gentle Lark

        37)VIC 64322 E ALMA GLUCK Song of the Chimes

        38)VOC 3654 EE+ MAXINE SULLIVAN Loch Lomond/I'm Coming VA

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