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Pathe Sapphire Disc Set-Sale(Sale#1)

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  • talkingmachine@juno.com
    Hello All, Sorry it took me a little bit longer than expected to get this list posted, but here is a collection of Pathe Sapphire-Cut Discs. I have grouped
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2000
      Hello All,

      Sorry it took me a little bit longer than expected to get this list
      posted, but here is a collection of Pathe Sapphire-Cut Discs. I have
      grouped them into three separate catagories: 10-Inch, 10 1/2-Inch, and
      12-Inch. Once again these are on a first-come first-served basis.
      Shipping and Handling will be added to all orders. The Standard Record
      Grading Key is being used, and I can hold items for up to 30 days.
      Regrettably, with the 10 1/2-Inch discs (being such an odd size), not all
      are in jackets. However, I am an expert packer and there will be
      cardboard pads placed in between each disc to keep them from rubbing
      against each other while in transit.

      Thanks for taking a look and hope you find something you like.

      Please contact OFF-LIST at: talkingmachine@...

      (PS: Sunday's sale will be a collection of Edison Diamond Discs)

      All Records are $4.00/each unless otherwise noted


      Sam Ash I've Found the Girl I've Been Looking For/Old Fashioned
      #22257 E+ Garden

      Rae Eleanor Ball Melodie in F/Spring Song
      #20611 E+

      H. Burr/J. Myers Rose of Virginia/Shadows (Peerless Quartet)
      #22359 V+

      Campbell & Burr Dardanella/Venetian Moon (Sterling Trio)
      #22291 E

      Campbell & Burr I'll Always Be Waiting for You/We Must Have a Song to
      #22281 E Remember (Peerless Quartet)

      County Harmonizers Casey Jones/Arkansaw Traveller (Steve Porter)
      #20670 E

      Ferera & Franchini Malanai Anu Ka Makani/Ka Wa Ha
      #22414 E

      Ernest Hare You Said It!/Oh Mother, I'm Wild (Billy Jones)
      #22319 E

      Percy Hemus The Palms/The Resurection
      #25050 E

      Lewis James Wonderful Pal/On the Trail to Sante Fe (w/ Chas. Harrison)
      #22242 E-

      Billy Jones I'd Love to Fall Asleep & Wake in Mammy's Arms/So Long,
      #22360 E- Oo-Long!

      Jack Norworth Never Let No One Gal Worry Your Mind/Me & my Wife
      #22290 E

      Nicholas Orlando Alexandria/When You're Alone
      #22323 V+

      Orpheus Trio Marion/Goodbye Sunshine, Hello Moon! (Sam Ash)
      #22374 E-

      Miss Patricola The Vamp/All the Quakers are Shoulder Shakers
      #22241 E-/E

      Royal Waikiki Hawaiians Beautiful Ohio/Yogiland
      #22227 E-

      Royal Waikiki Hawaiians Hawaiian Smiles/Shadows Waltz
      #22220 E

      Joseph Samuels Orch. In Your Arms/See-Saw
      #22245 V+/E-

      10 1/2-INCH:

      Acme Male Quartet Don't Cry Frenchy, Don't Cry/Tears of Love (I.
      #22079 E-

      American Republic Band Going Up/Midnight Waltz
      #20320 V+

      Henry Burr Sometime it will be Lovetime/While Others are Building
      Castles #22196 E- in the Air (Campbell and Burr)

      Henry Burr You're Making a Miser Out of Me/Roses at Twighlight
      #22143 E (Lewis James and Charles Hart)

      Eddie Cantor You Don't Need Wine to Have a Wonderful Time/The Last
      #22163 E Rose of Summer

      Collins & Harlan Round Her Neck, She Wore a Yeller Ribbon/The Yanks
      Started #20361 E+ Yankin' (Louis Winsch)

      Jim Europe's 38th Inf. Broadway Hits Medley/Ja-Da
      #22082 E

      Jim Europe's 38th Inf. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot/One More Ribber to Cross
      #22187 V+ (Vocals by Europe's Four Harmony Kings)

      Arthur Fields Mickey/Johnny's in Town
      #22077 E

      Arthur Fields What are You Going to Do to Help the Boys?/The Volunteers
      #20359 E March (American Regimental Band)

      Arthur Fields Regretful Blues/Keep Cool, The Country's Saving Fuel
      #20197 E

      Garde Republicaine Band Boston March/Roosevelt March
      #22330 E+

      Percy Hemus There's a Long, Long Trail/Khaki Sammy
      #25016 E

      Mizal Hoffer Mein Leibjodler/Die Lustige Sennerin (German Yodling)
      #1084 E

      Howard & Althouse Il Tovatore/When all Was Young - from "Faust"
      #27509 E

      R. Hunting/D. Treadway Musical Contest at Hick's Corners/The Country
      #22100 E-

      Lewis James I Know What it Means to be Lonely/Daddy Long Legs
      #22148 E-

      R. Lennox/H. Burr Smiles/The Pickaninny's Paradise (Sterling Trio)
      #20436 V+

      Longo Trio The Herd Girls Dream/Angels Serenade
      #22402 E

      Louise & Ferera Halona Waltz/Maui
      #20173 E-

      Louise & Ferera Missouri Waltz/Love's Old Sweet Song (Cora Tracey)
      #20344 E- (Slight Needle Scratches on Labels)

      Louise & Ferera Yaaka Hula Hickey Dula/Southern Blues
      #20101 V+ (Slight Needle Scratches on Labels)

      Mendelssohn Mixed 4 The Home Over There/Where is my Boy Tonight?
      #22228 E (Peerless Quartet)

      Billy Murray Gimme This, Gimme That!/Sipping Cider Thru a Straw
      #22157 E- (Collins and Harlan)

      Billy Murray I Used to Call her Baby/If You Don't Stop Making Eyes at Me
      #22197 E (Arthur Fields)

      Nicholas Orlando Honeymoon/Will O' Wisp
      #22166 E-

      Pathe Symphony Orch. March of the Little Japanese(TOL)/In a Garden of
      #22074 V+ Melody(TOL)

      Peerless Quartet Sweet Little Butterfly/In Berry Pickin' Time (Louis
      #20309 V+

      Peerless Quartet Way Down Home/Some Day the Shadows Will Fade Away
      #10065 V+ (Henry Burr)

      Turner Rose Dear Old Pal of Mine(EC-NAP)/Bring Back the Sunshine
      #22150 V+ (Lewis James)

      Monroe Silver Cohen on Prohibition/What Killed the Dog?
      #22226 E (Russell Hunting/Edward Wilson)

      Sterling Trio Just a Little Cottage/The Little Good for Nothing's Good
      for #20362 E-/E Something After All! (Campbell & Burr)

      Grust I Toska (Titles are in Russian Both Sides)???
      #3008 E+

      Tuxedo Syncopators My Baby's Arms/Trousseau Ball
      #22181 E

      US Military Academy Marche Turque/Old Comrades March
      #22185 E+

      University Quartet Auld Lang Syne/I Cannot Sing the Old Songs
      #20195 E+ (Isabelle Cannon)

      Fred Van Eps Smiler Rag/Blame it on the Blues (Pathe Dance Orch.)
      #10052 E

      Earle Wilde The Sweet Story of Old/What a Friend We Have in
      #22054 E+ Jesus


      Ackroyd Trio The Herd Girls Dream/Titl's Serenade
      #30273 E

      American Reg. Band Joffre March/Army Bugle Calls & Star Spangled
      #40094 E- Banner

      American Rep. Band Maybe a Day, Maybe a Year/Jane
      #30247 E+

      American Rep. Band The Tune You Can't Forget/"Feist Hits" Medley No. 2
      #29237 E-

      Church Choir There is a Green Hill Far Away/Peace, Perfect Peace
      #40022 E+

      English Church Choir Rock of Ages/Fight the Good Fight
      #40109 E+

      Eleanora DeCisneros From the Land of Sky Blue Water/Rememberance
      #59021 E-/E+

      Mme. Delna Miarka(SOL)/La Favorite(SOL)
      #134 E-/E (FRENCH PRESSING)

      Harry Fragason Don't Say Goodbye/The Band Box Girl
      $10.00 (BELGIAN PRESSING)

      Garde Republicaine Band La March Victorieusse Russe/Our Hero's March
      #35033 E-

      JL Hudson Male Quartet What the Chimney Sang/Sunset
      #29228 V+/E-

      Imperial Symph. Orch. The Love Dance/Cupid's Garden
      #30329 E+

      Invincible Four Church Scene/Songs my Mother Used to Sing
      #40134 E+ (Ruth Lenox/Henry Burr)

      Louise & Ferera On the Beach at Waikiki & Kohala March/Favorite Waltz
      Songs #30393 E-/V+ of Hawaii

      Louise & Ferera Tiapamaua Hula Girl(TOL)/Waikiki March
      #30376 V

      Louise & Ferera Waikiki Mermaid/My own Iona (Henry Burr)
      #35045 V/V+

      Marie Morrisey Aloha Oe(w/Invincible Four)/Dreams
      #40133 E+

      Lucien Muratore Le Regiment de Sambre et Meuse
      #54020 N-

      Jack Norworth A Good Man is Hard to Find/My Boy
      #29235 E

      Orch. Par Vaguet Comme a Vignt Ans(SOL)/Le Chant De L'ange Israel

      Pathe Freres Orch. Ballet De Sylvia - Valse Iente/Ballet De Sylvia -
      #30201 E/E+

      Pathe Military Band Faust - Part One/Part Two
      #30069 E-

      Pathephone Orch. Kukokama/Midsummer Intermezzo
      #30206 E-

      Leonora Sparkes Sweet Spirit, Hear my Prayer/Angels Ever Bright & Fair
      #40016 E+

      Shannon Quartet Adeste Fidelis/The Holy City (Helen Clark)
      #29219 E

      B. Stonehill Jerusalem/Zion
      #40126 E/E+

      Tempo Male Quartet Onward Christian Soldiers(TOL)/Lord, Dismiss Us With
      Thy #40059 V Blessings (Shannon Quartet)

      Mr. Alan Turner The Rosary/O, Lovely Night (SOL)
      $10.00 (FRENCH PRESSING)

      Westminster Milt. Band Marcg "Wagner"/Bacarolle from "Tales of Hoffman"
      #30009 E/E-

      Rabbi Wise Woman & Democracy - A Speech for Women Suffrage/Part
      #29106 V+ Two

      *****END OF LISTINGS*****

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