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Edison Diamond Discs FS on eBay

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  • Darrell Lehman
    Just to let y all know there are 45 Diamond Discs closing on eBay Thursday night and next Monday and Tuesday evenings. The listings start here:
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      Just to let y'all know there are 45 Diamond Discs closing on eBay
      Thursday night and next Monday and Tuesday evenings. The listings start


      The artists/titles are:

      Ada Jones and Billy Jones ... When Francis Dances With Me / On A
      Little Side Street

      Al Bernard and Ernest Hare - w/ orch ... Change Your Name Malinda
      Lee / Slide, Kelly, Slide - trombone blues

      Al Friedman Yoeng's Orch - Ernest Hare, vocal / B.A. Rolfe and His
      Palais D'or Orch ... Rain / Among My Souvenirs

      Arthur Fields and His Assassinators ... Someday You'll Say "O.K!"
      / Is it Possible

      Billy Jones ... Down At the Old Swimming Hole - w/ Ernest Hare /
      In the Old Town Hall

      Billy Jones and Ernest Hare ... Old King Tut / Barney Google

      Billy Jones and Ernest Hare / Anna Chandler ... Oh! Gee, Oh!
      Gosh, Oh! Golly I'm In Love / My Sweetie Went Away

      Billy Jones and Ernest Hare / Arthur Hall and John Ryan ... Don't
      Bring Lulu / Ukulele Lady

      Billy Murray - w/ orch ... Johnny Get a Gun / When Priscilla
      Tries To Reach High C - w/ Ada Jones

      Broadway Dance Orch / Atlantic Dance Orch ... Russian Rose / Keep
      It Under Your Hat - both Fox trot

      Broadway Dance Orch / Ernest L. Stevens Trio - saxophone, banjo,
      piano ... Deedle Deedle Dum / Soothing

      Broadway Dance Orch / The Jazz-O-Harmonists ... An Orange Grove
      In California / I'm Goin' South - both Fox trot

      Cal Stewart ... The Opera At Pun'kin Center / Uncle Josh In A

      Collins and Harlan ... Mammy Blossom's 'Possum Party / Now
      Wouldn't You Like To Know

      Collins and Harlan / Bert Harvey - both w/ orch ... Sipping Cider
      Thru A Straw / Freckles

      Coon vaudeville sketch w/ banjo / Orch acc ... The Insect Powder
      Agent / Cotton Blossom Time

      Edward Meeker / Cal Stewart ... Clancy's Wooden Wedding / Uncle
      Josh Takes the Census

      Ernest V. Stoneman - w/ harmonica and guitar ... The Old Hickory
      Cane / Watermelon Hanging On the Vine

      Fred Hillebrand / Al Bernard and Ernest Hare - both w/ orch ...
      I've Got My Captain Working For Me Now / See Old Man Moon SMile

      Fred Van Eps, banjo - John F. Burckhardt, pianoforte ... Darkey's
      Dream and Darkey's Awakening / Medley Of Southern Melodies

      Golden and Heins / Arthur Collins ... A Coon 'Possum Hunt / The
      Preacher and the bear

      Green Bros. Novelty Band / Harry Raderman's Orch ... Paper Doll /
      Pucker Up and Whistle - both Fox trot

      Green Bros. Novelty Orch ... Fluffy Ruffles - One-step / Tears -

      Harold Stern and His Hotel Belleclaire Orch ... Black Bottom /
      She Belongs To Me - both Fox trot

      Harry Raderman's Dance Orch / Green Brothers Novelty Orch ...
      Johnny Stop! Please Don't! MOM-MA! / I'm Somebody Nobody Loves - both
      Fox trot

      Harry Raderman's Orch ... My Southern Home / Cow Bells - both Fox

      Jack Albin's Orch / B.A. Rolfe and His Palais D'or orch ... Hugs
      and Kisses / Who Are You Vamping To-night?

      Jack Stillman's Orch ... That's My Girl / To-morrow's Another Day

      Jack Stillman's Orch ... Lulu Belle / Valencia - both Fox trot

      Joe Green and His Novelty Orch - Arthur Fields, vocal chorus ...
      So Tired / Did You Mean It? - both Fox trot

      Johnny Marvin - The Ukulele Ace ... I Can't Get Over A Girl Like
      You Loving A Boy Like Me / I'd Love To Call You My Sweetheart

      Kaplan's Melodists ... Chimes / Keep Off My Shoes - both Fox trot

      Lenzberg's Riverside Orch ... In My Daddy's Arms - Fox trot /
      Razzle-Dazzle - One-step

      Lenzberg's Riverside Orch / Max Fells' Della Robbia Orch ...
      Caresses / Rosie - both Fox trot

      Maurice Burkhart / Monroe Silver - borh w/ orch ... My Friends,
      Morris and Max / Pittsburgh, Pa.

      Peerless Quartet / Premier Quartet ... The Pussy Cat Rag /
      Moonlight Bay

      Premier Quartet / Billy Murray - both w/ orch ... Oh By Jingo! Oh
      By Gee! / The Hen and the Cow

      Rudy Wiedoeft's Californians ... Georgia Rose / It's You - both
      Fox trot

      Sergei Rachmaninoff, piano solo ... Second Rhapsodie - Part 2 /
      --- - Part 1

      The All Star Trio (saxophone, xylophone, piano) / Jaudas' Society
      Orch ... Arabian Nights - One-step / Singapore - Fox trot

      The Arkansas Trio - kazoos, singing and banjo ... A New Kind Of
      Man / Boll Weevil Blues

      The Blue Ridge Duo (George Austin and George Reneau) - harmonica and
      guitar ... Blue Ridge Blues / Hand-written on label: Ain't Going
      To Be Treated This A Way; From discography Lonsome Road Blues

      Vaughn De Leath ... How I Love You / Hello Bluebird

      Vernon Dalhart and Company - w/ violin, guitar ... Mother's Grave
      / The Convict and the Rose

      Vernon Dalhart and Company, harmonica, fiddle and guitar ... The
      Boston Burglar / She's Comin' 'Round the Mountain

      thanks for your consideration, Darrell
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