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753Re: Couple of Barbie questions

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  • jeffl1965
    Nov 18 4:40 PM
      Well, since nobody else replied, I'll give it a go, and I'm NOT an expert by any means! :(

      1. I've read that some of the acne medications will eventually fade any stains and lighten the vinyl. I've read it can take several weeks to actually work. And I would suggest removing the head and covering any parts that are fine, to prevent any sun damage, especially on the heads, since many of them tend to face easily and leak chemicals even if stored properly. As for working on the heads, I'd be wary of using the acne medication on it. Twin Pines Co. makes some doll cleaners that are expensive, but many people swear by. They might be safer for the soft heads than anything else, but I can't confirm this, sorry. :(

      2. While I don't have the masks, if the dolls aren't exposed to direct sunlight, heat, nor any kind of lamps for long periods of time, they MIGHT be OK. You might consider getting some kind of paint sealant and applying it to them. Perhaps send them to a pro who knows what to do so that they will be safe and not damaged by the chemicals in the sealant.

      Sorry that I can't be more helpful, but I wish you the best of luck, and hope to see some before and after pix of your dolls and learn how things turned out.


      --- In 6thScalerestoration@yahoogroups.com, Crystal Ellett <crystal80387@...> wrote:
      > OK, first of all, over the years that I've been on these groups, I've printed out various messages about various things from repairing to cleaning, etc.  I've now gotten them organized in a notebook where I can find what I want!  Those are great and I appreciate the wisdom of everyone on these groups.  So on to my questions. 
      > 1.  I've mentioned before and asked before about the limbs on a Fashion Queen I have which have darkened.  I cleaned her all up and she looks better, but her arms and legs are still darker than her body and head.  I've read what was written in the past about lightening doll heads and was wondering if the same would apply for the limbs.  I'd read to use Lemon Joy with water, put the head in it and in the sun for a few days.  Do you think that would help the limbs and if so, do you think it would affect the body and/or head?  I wanted to get some opinions before I try it.  She's perfect except for this one thing.  I've got her in the original outfit, including the blue headband.  Plus I have about 12 wigs.  I just want to make her look her best, while being cautious because I don't wanna mess her up.
      > 2.  I've always been absolutely fascinated with the Masquerade outfits.  I've finally gotten a couple of them.  My concern is the mask.  I have the masks for Skipper and Barbie and I'm concerned that if I display them in the masks, the black might rub off on their faces.  Anyone have these and if so, what has your experience been with it.  I appreciate any and all input.  I wanna display them all but wanna make sure before I do.
      > Thanks again for all your wisdom.  You can't even imagine how much you've helped some of us learn from your expertise.
      > Thanks again,
      > Crystal
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