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[6mm_Minis] Re: Taking pictures (Was: Uploads)

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  • largeaud_jm
    Arnstein, thank you for the advices. Very interesting about cheap lights needed. Cheers, Jean-Marc ... extremely useful. ... or whatever; ... by ... can ...
    Message 1 of 23 , Sep 1, 2005
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      thank you for the advices. Very interesting about cheap lights
      --- In 6mm_Miniatures@yahoogroups.com, Arnstein Orten
      <arnstein.orten@g...> wrote:
      > On Tue, 30 Aug 2005, largeaud_jm wrote:
      > | Arnstein,
      > | Good analysis, tips and advices on 6mm photos. Yes I have a
      > | problem with macro and also I need a tripod .
      > I have never used a tripod though I imagine one would be
      extremely useful.
      > I always rest my hands on the gaming table or an upturned cup
      or whatever;
      > otherwise pictures get blurred.
      > | I can't obtain the depth you have on your pics (not only on
      > | Syracuse fleet). For this I believed we needed cameras used
      > | professionals (as Espen ). I see it's only a part of the truth.
      > There are a couple of factors with regards to Depth of Field you
      > affect even with a compact camera:
      > - The longer away from your subject you are, the deeper your
      DOF will be
      > - The more light you have avaliable, the deeper your DOF will
      > Lack of light could be one factor affecting your pictures. You
      don't want
      > to buy a pro photo light; they are way expensive. However,
      cheap options
      > include
      > - Shoot outdoors, utilizing daylight
      > - Use a couple of standard indoor lamps (I usually use 2 180
      watt lamps)
      > - Buy a cheap halogen stand-mounted lamp for use on
      building sites
      > (I got a 500 watt one for 13 pounds. I haven't used it to photo
      > yet). These generate a lot of heat but are cheap.
      > I imagine your pictures are pretty good given what you have
      available wrt
      > camera. You might be able to squeeze a bit better quality out
      of it given
      > better lighting; and if you decide for a new camera one day, you
      > consider one with a macro setting.
      > Regards,
      > Arnstein
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