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Kindle Paperwhite

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  • Hugh Miller
    Mina san, I finally gave in and got the new Paperwhite when it was announced the other day. It is a pre-order, so it won t be shipped until Oct 2nd. I m tired
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 11 1:58 PM
      Mina san,
      I finally gave in and got the new Paperwhite when it was announced the other day.  It is a pre-order, so it won't be shipped until Oct 2nd.
      I'm tired of having to recharge my Fire HD at least once a day and not being able to use it for a few hours.  Normally I switch to my smartphone and use the Kindle Reader I installed on it, plus my news aggregates, but that means I also have to recharge my smartphone when the HD is ready to use again.
      The up to 8 week use of the paperwhite without charging is why I wanted one in the first place and with the new features on it, it pushed me over the edge.
      New features include (but are not limited to) a vocabulary builder that notes each word you look up and keeps them in memory for you to practice with later on.  The new translation feature is a winner as well:  Instead of cutting and pasting an unknown language from the reader into a translator, it translates the word or phrase directly on the page with no further ado.  They have also improved the lighting and added a new core (was a single core, now a double core) processor to speed things up. 
      All this, and the price has remained the same as it was from the beginning. =)
      Reading in bed with the HD was making my eyes burn after just a short time because I have to hold it so close (with my glasses off) to see the type and the HD is back-lit, which is the equivalent of staring straight into a light bulb.  The paperwhite is side-lit, so you are not looking directly into a light source.
      It can be used in all major languages, including Japanese and simplified Chinese (Lou, this might interest you in particular).
      Again, I did not get a case for my new e-reader even though I storngly recommend one to prevent breakage such as happened with my last one, which did not have the extended warranty/insurance on it.  The reason why is that all the cases I saw were full price of $39.99, and Amazon puts the same ones on sale for $19.99 quite frequently.  I will wait for a sale.
      I did get a 2 year extended warranty covering breakage for it, so I may skip the case entiely.  I have not made up my mind yet.  With a coupon the warranty only cost $19.99 for those 2 years.  Quite a bargain considering my track record with dropping them.  Remember, my floors are concrete, not wood with a carpet and carpet padding.
      The 3G model guarantees FREE 3G, paid for by Amazon, but it costs $60.00 more and I don't see the need what with wi-fi hotspots practically everywhere unless you are in the middle of the sahara dessert.  LOL!
      Also, I tend to keep anywhere from 3 to 5 new books stacked up on my carosel for reading later and it will hold 1,100 books in memory, not counting the cloud storage, of course.
      I can hardly wait until it comes in--no more burning eyes at night in bed, and no more charging every day.  Yay!
      Don't get me wrong!  I love my Fire HD, but I'm going to use it more as a tablet, and less as an e-reader now.
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