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The 102nd RCT.

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  • McEvoy
    Just thought I d add something more about the makeup of the 102nd to what Steve put up a while back. The 102nd has a wide assortment of personal from across
    Message 1 of 5 , Apr 1, 2009
      Just thought I'd add something more about the makeup of the 102nd to
      what Steve put up a while back.

      The 102nd has a wide assortment of personal from across known space.
      The human contingent come from places like New Sud, Saraswati, Gurkhali and
      other frontier worlds with a wide ethnic range. There's Pandorans,
      Vragr, Hani, Kzinti, Klingons,
      Hrun, Quatros, Chakrats, a large Rohan contingent exclusive to the
      102nd, even a few Vulcans and Romulans serving
      mostly in the Technical and Intelligence contingents.At last count,
      there's something like 14 different species, not including diversity amoung
      the humans and Pandorans and counting. There's also a couple of Bioroids
      serving in spec ops, adding some cybernetic muscle
      to the mix. In all it's a very diverse and eclectic mix that works
      efficiently and effectively. Much of that come from the initial core of
      former Azi's
      that formed the battalion back then and well thinned out and older, are
      still there doing the job. Much thanks goes to Piet Verzimer and Kassius
      who have passed on some top rate recruits to Joachim as well.

      102nd Regimental Combat Team
      Colonel Joachim Verzimer, Commanding
      Major Ginger Rogers, Executive Officer
      Still beautiful and bitchy, just loves it when Joachim takes a break
      cause she's in charge then.
      Major Frederick Austerlitz, Operations and Intelligence.
      Captain Indira Pandavar Medical Officer
      In charge of the 102nd's health and wellbeing, ensures that the
      battalion MOs are up to snuff. Not an easy job considering
      the diversity of the outfit, but she's up to the task. And damn, she's
      as hot as ever.:)

      Special Ops, Captain Holland Novak
      WO2 Sabu Khan
      Amazingly Cerebus is still around in an advisory capacity in Spec Ops.
      Recovered from his injuries on
      Saraswati and cleaned up his act, using the lease on life he got.
      (Holland is young, quick witted and with a sneaky, devious mind and
      disregard for the finer rules and conventions. Khan is now middle aged
      and crazy, Cerebus, is Cerebus
      they make a good team. Dirty Deeds done dirt cheap is their motto.)
      Command sergeant major: WO1 Whaldek
      Happily married to Chief Cook Mink, who retired to raise their pack of
      adopted kids.

      HQ is comparatively light compared to similar sized outfits in other
      Fred and Ginger have a lot to do with that. Many of the former Azi Sr Nco's
      are HQ staff, getting a little long in the tooth for field service but
      with some years left in them.
      Their all sticking around to train up younger replacements and pass on
      their knowledge and experience.
      Frank Castle's still around, doing a bang up job of scaring recruits and
      Junior officers and even Old Bill shows up once in a while.

      1st Battalion, Major Miyamoto Usagi (Pandora - Rabbit, Male)
      RSM Basil Plumley
      (run along traditional lines, Usagi is a stickler for detail and disciple.
      Plumley is one of the last of the original Azi, real old school and
      tougher then boot leather.
      But don't call him Grandad. Seriously.)

      2nd Battalion, Major Richard Sharpe (Pandora - Human, Male)
      RSM Patrick (Paddy) Harper
      (Known as Sharpes mob, scruffy, ill mannered, would fit in with the
      Army of Northern Virginia. They get the job done.)

      3rd Battalion, Hyparchos Agathon of Nikos (Rohan - Rohan, Geld.)

      Heavy Cavalry Division Antonius(Mad Anthony) of Vulkans Forge ( Rohan
      Light Cavalry Division, Nathan of Bedford Forest (Rohan Kashatriya)
      Support compliment(mechanics, cooks, blacksmiths, pioneers made up of
      Sudras, Vashatriyas and Geldings)
      ( The Rohan gave their bond to Kryslin and follow Verzimers orders, but
      they will only follow a Rohan into battle,
      very important to remember. They are also the unit most capable of
      operating independently of the brigade, they carry a lot of
      firepower combined with fast movement. The Heavys are the Power armour,
      the Lights range far and wide, hitting
      fast and hard when least expected. Needless to say, they make a lot of
      people nervous and have a fearsome
      reputation. Good thing is they are loyal to the death and have iron
      discipline. Hyparchos must be a Gelding who has
      proven himself in battle and be one mean SOB to command them)

      4th Battalion
      Support Company A - William (Sweet William) Frederickson(Terran
      Human male)
      Support Company B - Captain Jajuka Orestes (Doitsu - Afghan Hound,
      Primarily Mobile Suit Support - 10 RGM-179 F07 Jegans, 8
      VF-17D Thunderbolt
      Frederickson is a former Slammer with experience in combined
      operations, working
      mecha and armour with infantry. The nickname probably has to do with
      the eyepatch and scar that makes it look
      likes he's always grinning. Well liked and respected by his troops and
      fellow officers. He and Jajuka make a formidable
      and efficient team.

      5th Battalion
      Support Company C - Captain Piet (Oom) Piet) Retief
      12 Tanks, 6 Self Propelled Guns
      Support Company D - Captain Piet(Little Pete) Cronjé
      12 Hovertanks, 6 Hoverbased MLRS
      A couple of New Sud boys recruited by Joachims Uncle.
      Everybody is named Piet from that town. This is the armour and artillery

      Supporting Elements:
      Includes Staff, Quartermaster, Medical, and Transport Wings.
      Unit possesses enough equipment to move itself on and off planet, but
      lacks FTL.
      Transport Wing
      2 Company sized Mecha Transports
      3 Company Sized Armor Transports
      6 Company Sized Infantry Transports
      18 Aerospace Fighters
      36 V/STOL Aerodynes. and Helicopters

      What can I add? Vehicle repair and recovery, for the heavy jobs. Each
      battalion has it's own mechanics
      for maintaining and repairing it's own vehicles, this would be too help
      them with that.
      Engineer company. Again, the battalions have their own Pioneer
      platoons. This would be similar to the Seabee's, have the ability
      to get heavy equipment and specialized armour to where it's needed
      fast. Includes bridge building, mine sweeping, clearing
      landing strips and such in short order.

      There's also a regiment band made up of volunteers. A brass band, no
      bagpipes thank you. Joachim has a thing about bagpipes, I think it has
      something to do with his brother in law who loves the sound of bagpipes,
      especially in the morning. Anyhow, the Regimental march is the Gary
      Owen. The Rohan have come to love it.

    • Steve Pettit
      Just a brief bit before I go back to sleep and recover from a particularly nasty bit of the flu... /Hyparchos/ is a rank or title, from the ancient Greek,
      Message 2 of 5 , Apr 1, 2009
        Just a brief bit before I go back to sleep and recover from a
        particularly nasty bit of the flu...

        /Hyparchos/ is a rank or title, from the ancient Greek, literally,
        "Horsemaster", Thought to be
        the equal of a Major in the modern military. Agathon is his name, and
        he used to be a
        Kashatriya until an unfortunate land mine incident. 1 Rohan Kashatriya
        in Power Armor +
        1 Anti-Tank Mine = One newly gelded Rohan Kashatriya who is now pissed
        off. :)

        As far as equipment not specified - the armor transports aren't large
        enough for
        /Orion/ class hovertanks (The monsters that the Slammers use) but could
        easily handle
        something the size of an M1-A1, Challenger, etc. The fun part is,
        Joachim now has a
        wish list, and the corporate credit card.

        A note on Mecha:

        VF-17D's are what Isamu Dyson flies in Macross Plus, the reverse swept
        wing Valkyrie.

        RGM-179 F07 Jegans are the 7th upgrade to the Jegan series, finally
        bringing thier
        performance and armor up well into the Gundam's Range. In the hands of
        a good pilot,
        they can easily take a higher rated MS.


        Os iusti meditabitur sapientiam,
        Et lingua eius loquetur indicium.
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        Reminder from: 6crecroom Yahoo! Group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/6crecroom/cal Sixth Column Writers Meeting Saturday April 4, 2009 9:00 pm - 12:00 am (This
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          Reminder from: 6crecroom Yahoo! Group
          Title: Sixth Column Writers Meeting
          Date: Saturday April 4, 2009
          Time: 9:00 pm - 12:00 am
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        • Steve Pettit
          Be advised that the saturday writer s meeting may be very short; Some kind of bug, followed up by a severe rebound congestion reaction from some nasal spray
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            Be advised that the saturday writer's meeting may be very short; Some
            kind of bug, followed up by a severe rebound congestion reaction from
            some nasal spray laid me out flat from last saturday to today. Also,
            I've Palm Sunday services to attend on Sunday, too. The meeting will
            still be on, it just may not run on as long as it normally does.

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