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Happy surprise for the New Year ^-^

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  • Hugh Miller
    Minna san; I just bought my 3rd Honda in a row, today. ^-^ ^-^ ^-^ My next door neighbor s wife was given an almost new Nissan Altima by her father for
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2007
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      Minna san;

      I just bought my 3rd Honda in a row, today. ^-^ ^-^ ^-^

      My next door neighbor's wife was given an almost new Nissan Altima by her
      father for Christmas (*-*) and I happened to be sitting on my front porch
      when her airline captain husband drove in from the airport today. I asked
      him what they were going to do with her Civic DX, and he said "sell it". I
      said that it was probably completely out of my price range, but for how
      much? "$800 to $850, probably".

      After I got through gulping and gasping, I said, "I can write you a check
      for that today".......................... ;^) ;^) ;^)

      He was a little startled and said he'd ask his wife since it was her car
      and he'd get back to me.

      Hour and a half later, he told me he'd researched in the on-line Blue Book
      (wholesale values), talked with her, and she said $1000.00.

      I said "okay" and shook hands on the deal. I would have given him the
      check today but he wants to keep it until the 8th so he can change the oil,
      have the brakes redone, and there is a series of flights coming up for him
      he'd prefer to keep driving the car during. I'm guessing it will also take
      him about that long to get the car registration (internal airport security)
      changed from this one to the other--it doesn't make any sense, otherwise.

      What am I getting? A meticulously maintained 1995 Civic DX with 186,000
      miles on it which is absolutely nothing for a Honda engine. Completely
      flawless body and paint. Interior looks like it is still sitting on a
      showroom floor. The Black Book (retail values) says it's a $2,500.00 car.
      I say, seeing the condition of the car, it would sell for _well_ over
      $3000.00, since it is a total cream puff.

      WOW!!!!!!!!!!! ^-^ ^-^ ^-^

      How do I know it is meticulously maintained? I know the guy well and I've
      seen him countless times out in the parking lot tuning it, changing the oil
      (he has ramps he can put it up on, no less!) and he's an airline
      pilot--those guys tend to be very, very, very detail and maintenance
      orientated. ^-^

      What a nice way to start the New Year!!!!!!!!!!!

      Oh, and what am I going to do with my Honda Accord? I called up my son.
      I'm giving it to him for $1. You have to have some kind of cash amount on
      a bill of sale/title transfer. He was ecstatic. ;^) I had been thinking
      about a new car, and giving him my Accord since he depends on others for
      transportation right now, and look what happened! Things really work out
      sometimes!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yatta!

      What a GREAT start to a New Year!

      delighted Badger ^-^

      (I can't remember being this excited about a new used car since I got my
      Cadillac Cimmaron!)
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