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Re: [RecRoom] Final decision

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  • Hugh Miller
    ... Ah, the infamous sell-off due to lack of funds. Been there, done that, and in fact have done so recently. 2 weeks ago, as a matter of fact, so I
    Message 1 of 22 , May 2, 2006

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      > I had a .308 (aka NATO 7.62mm) rifle, up until April of last year.
      Ah, the infamous sell-off due to lack of funds.  Been there, done that, and in fact have done so recently.  2 weeks ago, as a matter of fact, so I understand, fully.  $750 (low)-$1,500 (high) worth of custom designed and custom finished bookcases, hand crafted and finished, for just $450.  Originally made for Japan Depot/BCM&M bookstore.

      >guy who dislocated his shoulder did so with an M-16.  So even the
      > 5.56mm rifles
      > have a fair amount of kick to 'em.
      Kinda blows my mind.  I've fired a measly M-1 carbine personally, and they go off like a stick of dynamite, with great recoil.  Makes your entire body move in response.  I've seen a M-16 in action, and the shooter's shoulder moved only about twice as much as my friend whom I allowed to shoot my old Remington 550, which is just a .22 LR.  M-16 DID sound like a shotgun next to my ear though, so maybe the shooter was super experienced and only made it look easy, instead of the task it might have been.  He was in a sitting position at a bench rest, leaning into the rifle, fwiw.

      > I once fired a 10ga., without holding it in close.  I had a bruise the
      > size of a saucer.
      > I learned my lesson, and never had it that bad again... :)
      You and me too, brother.  -_^ 
      BTW, I love feather weight .410s and will shoot a full sized 20 gauge if pressed to, but nothing heavier.  Even a .410 has a pretty sharp kick to it if you use a feather weight, if you didn't know.
      Apples and oranges--I find little or no dif between a 9 MM Kurz and a 9 MM parabellum/Luger in a pistol, except it's easier and quicker to reacquire the target with the 9 MM Kurz.  Love the Sig Sauer 9 MM Kurz P-series.  Lot more easy to get a great group than with, say, the Glock 9 MM parabellum/Luger, due to the barrel rise on heavier loads like the Parabellum/Luger. 
      Sig's quicker to bring back on target.  Other than that, I love the Sig, but admire the toughness and ultra reliability of the Glock.  If I wanted to be an "artiste" with a pistol, I'd get the Sig.  If I was out slogging in the mud, or the sand, or hiking in the mountains where you can get a lot of dirt in your sidearm of choice, I'd chose the Glock.  Not as easy to shoot, but as near as I can tell, practically infallible.  ^-^
      Sorry for rambling on.............
      (fascinated by firearms, but personally owning only an inheirited one.............)

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