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Re: [RecRoom] Re: [onimal] The Battle of Avalon PT2

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  • Hugh Miller
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      Subject: Re: [RecRoom] Re: [onimal] The Battle of Avalon PT2

      On "teach me HTML"
      > Sounds interesting, I'll have to go look for it.

      Anything has to be better than nothing at all. I haven't used it yet, but
      I intend to. I picked up a few html pointers from an auction prg I actually
      paid cash money for (only a few bucks) and it completely changed my auction
      descriptions. Now I 'm looking forward to learning a bit, instead of just a
      couple of things. What attracted me to it was 1) it's free, and 2) if it's
      got 14 lessons in it, that's a bunch I've never seen before. (g)

      On another level of your page:
      > Yeah, it's pretty rough, I'll have to go back to Print House and work
      > on the background gif some more.

      There's one page that does a super job on this. Hm. Let me go see what it
      is--oh yeah, there it is......... it's
      http://www.tigerntigress.com/archive.htm . Zrath gave it to me over a year
      ago. You and Norm (and probably everyone else 'cept Steve, who knew about
      it ages ago) can grab some images off of it too if you wanna. It's got tons
      of index pages after you click on a title...

      The background is still too intrusive by far, but you can see that you can
      fade that background out quite a bit. In any case, it shows a little of what
      one can do, and as a dedicated graphics site, it's pretty cool anyway.

      Since I've been playing with photoshop for a while, and now have two books
      on it (both still mainly unread), I'm beginning to understand the meaning of
      "layers", and how you can make them transparent, translucent, and opaque.
      I'm hoping the TMHTML prg will do alot more...

      > >
      > > I've got to say that in the post I've been looking over, you've taken
      > > good care of Flor and Cat. I love that...and them... (super huge smile)
      > >

      > I'll remind you you said that when I do something very nasty to them
      > the near future - it's brutal, but it's for the best. I just couldn't see
      > this particular universe without Cat & Flor in some form or another, I
      > took them back to canon, as they were in Cyteen.

      By that, I'm guessing you finally got a chance to read Cyteen. I was out of
      the loop for a long time there, so I dunno. Cyteen, except for evil Ari,
      bored me for long stretches when I 1st read it, also excepting for the
      original Cat and Flor. Then when Ari II and Cat II and Flor II popped up, I
      devoured the rest of the book eagerly. I don't think I would like to meet
      the original versions of those 3... (brrrrr, shiver-shiver shudder)

      >And yes, the
      > Catlin-Mihoshi post is just about finished and ready to go, really.


      > > Congrats on your new story line involving Oberon. _I_ could never do
      > that,
      > > I'm just not set up mentally for it, tho I know the entire lexicon. I
      > lack
      > > the necessary number of neurons to write stuff like that... (g) I'm a
      > Drake
      > > kinda guy. -_^
      > >

      > Thanks <G> Though I'm sure the others who were around the last time
      > Cenobite Angel came out to play are a little nervous, knowing what she can
      > get up to <EG>

      I look forward to it, and to Popcorn & A Movie With 6C, when you get it
      worked out!

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