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Fw: Peace, Love & Anti-Semitism

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  • Hugh Miller
    Minna sama, This is a Brain Terminal video I had not seen. I somehow missed it when it originally arrived in my email some time ago. I strenuously suggest
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2003
      Minna sama,

      This is a "Brain Terminal" video I had not seen. I somehow missed it when
      it originally arrived in my email some time ago.

      I strenuously suggest you take a look at the video (it has been put into
      other formats now), and then check out the letter afterwards (which is about
      another subject entirely, but what the hey, eh?).

      I really like the guy behind "Brain Terminal". He doesn't rant and rave,
      he just exposes.

      This is not in any way an invitation to enter political discussions or
      debate--I have too many scars on me already (smile). I'd just like everyone
      to see it, and check out the letter from a high school girl who founded her
      HS chapter of Amnesty International, too.

      Thank you very much, and have a good night, all... ^-^


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      Sent: Friday, April 04, 2003 5:38 AM
      Subject: >bt: Peace, Love & Anti-Semitism

      > Hello,
      > One of the most underreported aspects of the modern pacifist movement is
      > the prevalence of sentiments that--at best--must be characterized as
      > anti-Israeli. A significant number of protesters expressed such vehement
      > and unconditional support for Palestinians that, in some cases, it was
      > virtually indistinguishable from outright anti-Semitism.
      > I posted a new video that examines how the protesters view the
      > Israeli/Palestinian conflict, and why sympathy for the Palestinians
      > seems near unanimous. Due to the gravity of the topic, this video is
      > quite a bit different from my previous two.
      > NOTE: Viewers should be aware that the video contains disturbing images.
      > The video is available at:
      > http://brain-terminal.com/video/peace-love/
      > (Initially, the video is available only in QuickTime. I hope to have
      > versions in other formats within a few days.)
      > ALSO, I recently received an e-mail from a high school sophomore who
      > founded the Amnesty International chapter at her school. Read her e-mail
      > and my response at:
      > http://brain-terminal.com/letters/moore/subtle-arrogance.html
      > Enjoy the weekend,
      > Evan
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      > www.brain-terminal.com
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